The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Children who while growing were advised against doing wrongs but refused to take into cognizance things they were told are today regretting their actions and non- chalant attitude.

The Ordinary President urged listeners and viewers to put the care of widows and orphans into consideration.

You should take care of widows and orphans; these ones never at any point in their life think they’ll be in this state where they find themselves. You should reach out to them and show them the love they are missing.

Remember God has great rewards for those who have made it a point of duty to take care of the widows and orphans.

The Complainant and the Orphans.

A late Police officer named Udom Udoh Ikom, who died on 17th September, 2019 left behind his son and niece whom he adopted. His older brother, Evangelist Michael Sunday accompanied the children to the studio in order to get their late father’s gratuity.

According to him, the late Officer had written a promotional exam from being a sergeant to Inspector but his letter of confirmation didn’t come until after his death.

The girl whom he took in is an orphan and he was very much responsible for her upkeep until he died. His wife had earlier died of stroke so that makes his son an orphan too.

Brekete Family.

At the moment, his corpse is still in the mortuary as the Nigeria Police Force has not paid any death benefit to the family. The Ordinary President called the Force PRO, DCP Frank Mba to get further insight into the matter.

The PRO said that problems like that arise because a lot of times, the late Officer did not update information regarding his next of kin.

Many times, officers who join the Force before getting married include their mothers’ names as next of kin which might be unfortunate as it is very possible for the woman to die along the line.

Brekete Family.

What is expected of the officer to do is to go back to do an update that’ll allow him to change who is next of kin is. When his brother was asked, it was confirmed that the late officer’s next of kin was his wife who passed on before him.

DCP Frank Mba told them to come to the Headquarters where series of questions will be asked and the Police will do the needful as they are always careful of having to give a deceased’s property to the wrong person.

PCC Representatives.

The representatives of Public Complaints Commission; Barrister Ewah and Mr. Philip Enyanle sure have a handful of cases to attend to after today.

Some of the cases include; Mrs. Janet Garba whose husband died on the 3rd January, 2004 complained of the Nigeria Police Force’s refusal to pay her late husband’s death benefit.

According to the letter given her by the Police, the sum of N488, 000 was allegedly paid to her children as their father’s gratuity since 2013.

The woman stated that nothing like that happened and that it was just a scheme employed so the money will not be paid. The Ordinary President asked her to invite the children as investigation into the case begins.


Tope Fadare who was once a staff at the Central bank of Nigeria was accused of stealing money from the branch where he worked which led to his dismissal.

According to him, he discovered that money was missing and he asked the security officer to check the CCTV cameras that are supposed to help unveil the act but he refused.

The complainant exposed those involved but he was unfortunately dismissed while there appointment is still intact. The case was earlier presented to the Public Complaint Commission but at the moment has been closed and about to be revisited.


Asu Comfort, a dismissed staff of the Federal College of Education, Obudu who blew the whistle of the misconduct going on in the institution especially the N125 Million allegedly embezzled by the Bursar and the Provost.

They were suspended on this ground but at the time the suspension lapsed, they paid themselves for the number of months they were absent from work. They also diverted monies for their personal use.

Comfort and her sister summoned courage and opened the can of worms which eventually landed them in trouble. They were threatened on several occasions and finally dismissed.

Comfort stated that recently the governing body of the above-named institution met to discuss her reinstatement but they gave her a condition which is, she would withdraw charges made against them already.


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