Success means a lot to every person on earth but the truth is that success has nothing to do solely with money or wealth. It’s basically about fulfillment in every sphere of life or influence. If you are a public office holder and your impact is not felt, it’s obvious you have not recorded any success in that aspect.

What matters most is that you deliver effective results in whatever area you find yourself. When trouble looms, be sure not to be overwhelmed or submerged, instead see them as stepping stones to your desired height.


Child abuse comes in different forms and is on the high side in Nigeria. It is a physical, sexual and/or psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a parent or a caregiver.  

In essence, it is not limited to sexual abuse but includes other forms whatsoever that ends up rendering the victim devastated or in trauma after the situation. Most cases of child abuse have their roots in the fact that a child is sent to a caregiver or given out as a maid in someone else’s house.

Though rampant, there are still instances of people who have housemaids and shower them with all the love.  On the other hand, some maids are treated with contempt and made to feed on leftovers without proper care. An instance was shared during the Brekete Family Program.

The Victim’s pair of Slippers.

Three people namely Blessing, Emily, and Christopher who are residents in the Apo settlement found a 9-year old girl bleeding profusely. She was taken to the hospital where her injuries were treated but the bleeding continued.

One of the annoying things the Nigeria Police are fond of doing is questioning the reason for reporting a case such as that and not even making the move to protect the rights of the citizens as expected.

Blessing narrated that around 9:45 pm yesterday, she saw Emily running helter-skelter and crying for help. She then moved close to her to inquire more, Emily then told her that she found a 9-year-old who was bleeding and she needs to help her.

According to the statement made by Blessing, the young girl had initially gone to a clinic within the Apo Settlement but was not attended to and that must have been the reason for staying out. Emily and Blessing helped her to the hospital and it was discovered that she had been bleeding for over an hour and it wouldn’t stop.

The Victim while receiving treatment.

Her ‘aunty’ was called but she didn’t sound interested in the issue so she made no attempt to check on the girl. Emily said she put a call through to the Chairman of Security in the area who accompanied them to the woman’s house but she ran away.

They had to wait for the husband’s return and he was eventually taken to the Police Station. According to them, the relatives asked what their business was and why they would take up a case that’s not theirs.

Despite the pain killers given to her in the hospital to relieve her, she was still writhing in pains as it was seen in a video clip shared by the three good Samaritans; Blessing, Emily, and Christopher.

They further explained that it seemed that there is more to the abuse than usual; it might be that she is being molested by someone because she was trying to confide in one of those who rescued her.

At the moment, she is still in the Police Station. The Ordinary President called CP Bala Ciroma to inform him of the urgency and sensitivity of the matter. He promised to intervene immediately and take over the case personally.

Former NFF President.

The former president of NFF, Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi reacted to the allegation that all past presidents of NFF have at sometimes embezzled money. According to him, it is God who put him there and he wouldn’t have gone there to embezzle funds that are not his.

He said amongst the past presidents, he is the only one who has been arraigned in court and detained in prison because he was called names and accused. He was detained in Kuje prison for being wrongly accused.

He described himself as being wealthy not with material things but because he is contented with the little God blessed him with. His first budget as president was in 2007 and it was a little over N3 Billion and it was endorsed by the congress.

Brekete Family.

But he was given on N600 Million which restricted him to working with the few teams that were available. Despite all he did to revamp the Organization, he was illegally impeached in 2010.

One of his major achievements was that he took part in the world tournament, according to him, no country in the world had taken part in 9 tournaments in 4 years but he achieved this feat.

He also cleared the debt of N300 Million he inherited from his predecessor but while he was impeached, he left N2.8 Billion in the act. He stated emphatically that he didn’t steal a dime but Nigeria owes him because he spent his money to fund the NFF.

Emmanuel Babayaro.

Tunde Aderibigbe commented and said that Sani Lulu did well for the Nigerian Football and that he didn’t touch the FAP money for four years.

Emmanuel Babayaro commended the former NFF President and added that Sani Lulu is one of the root causes of the problem being tackled in NFF. He was the one that entrenched the fake NFF because initially, NFA involved paramilitary officials but when the NFF statutes were adopted, the body had the intention to screen out the paramilitary out so that they can manage it their own way.

Ahmed Shuaibu Gara-Gombe commended Sani Lulu and said he is a gentleman but weak as a leader who allowed people to hijack his office and cause all manner of rots whereby he is being accused.

Brekete Family.

He mentioned the names of some of those who manipulated him in the office including Aminu Maigari, the one who took over from him in NFF. He was the one who was used against him resulting in his impeachment. He currently has 16 count charges against and he was later impeached.

He was not taken to jail because he had politicians who worked in his favor. The members of the board were given $10, 000 each. Another shocking revelation is that Shehu Dikko was not elected to head LMC but was nominated through text message.

This implies that he is occupying the position of coordinating the League Management Company Illegally. Sa’id Munidarfi, who worked in LMC said in 2005, Shehu Dikko submitted his papers to be a consultant for the league and later ordered his termination.

He said in LMC, throughout his period of working there, he had no identity card and the tax is being removed illegally.


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