The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Parents were encouraged to ensure that their children inculcate the habit of saying the truth always. A child who is not trained to be truthful or one who has refused to imbibe such a lifestyle will one day disgrace his parents.

It is the duty of parents to mold their children’s lives and guide them in the right way to go. When a properly trained child exhibits such traits and character, his parents will be confident and would not be scared of insults because they have planted a seed that’s flourishing already and they are bound to reap the fruits thereof.

You should be very stern when carrying out discipline because when you take things lightly, your children will take you for granted and the expected training and discipline will be ineffective.

Brekete Family.

Also notable is the fact that spouses should regard each other as these traits will reflect in the children’s lives. A woman should be submissive and respect her husband while she performs her duties the best way she can.

The husband on his part should adore and love his wife endlessly as this would make her comfortable and willing to do more to make her family a beautiful one. A woman should be mindful of the things she’ll do that might be detrimental to her marital relationship.

In general, couples should make efforts to make their relationship worthwhile and admirable not only to outsiders but also to their children. Children who are brought up in an adorable home would strive to emulate such as they grow and relate with people they come in contact with.

In other words, their parents’ marriage lays a good foundation for them and their respect for human folks.

The Ordinary President took out time to commend the Governors of Borno, Rivers, Oyo and Ekiti states. He appreciated all the efforts they are putting in place to ensure that the citizens of their states enjoy infrastructures.

He specially commended the Governor of Ekiti state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi for putting the interests of the aged in the state at heart. He had announced that his administration would pay more attention to the welfare of the elderly and the physically challenged in the state.

He decided to pay N20, 000 to the aged citizens monthly and he tagged it ‘owo arugbo’. The state confirms his interest in making all and sundry comfortable during his tenure as governor of the state. This is no doubt the reason he emerged as the Chairman of the Governors’ forum.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President also commemorated him on his birthday celebration and special prayers were made for him in this regard.

Asides Dr. Fayemi, the Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum was appreciated for all he’s doing in the state especially the recent promotion of a woman who has been teaching in a local primary school for 31 years.

He was said to have been going around and he chose to make an unannounced visit to this school where he met Mrs. Obiageli Mazi at around 6:30 am. What thrilled him were her dedication and the enthusiasm she displayed in carrying out her duties.

Mrs. Obiageli Mazi.

Mrs. Obiageli before the promotion was just a class teacher from Abia State who defied her ethnic, religious and gender to ensure that her pupils are taught well. The Governor promoted her to being the assistant headteacher with immediate effect though her certificate didn’t qualify her for the position.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah made it clear that he is in no way trying to promote any party but appreciating these ones who have done credible things should challenge others who have not done anything worthwhile.

Brekete Family.

Sergeant Rowland Tafida who was shot by an Army Corporal is said to have died from the gunshot wound and excessive loss of blood. Last week during the Brekete family program, members of his family came to present the case and sought the help of the Ordinary President and the Brekete family in helping to get justice for Rowland Tafida.

As at that time, they weren’t even sure if he was dead or alive because the Nigeria Police up till now is yet to send an official report regarding the incident. The aggrieved mother recounted that she only got to know of this sad occurrence via social media as the video went viral already.

The Ordinary President referred them to the Force Headquarters where they were questioned on why they would have taken the issue to Brekete Family without going to the Police to file a report.

Reports have it that the late Sergeant Rowland was hit by a bullet from an anti-aircraft gunshot by an Army Corporal. The point of concern is that, why he would have preferred to use an anti-aircraft gun to destroy a fellow human’s life even if it was not targeted towards the deceased.

And why is the Nigerian Police Force delaying in filing a report about the young man’s death and at least sending condolence to members of his family especially his wife and children?



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