The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Engage your children and let them grow and develop into responsible folks. Do not take correcting them with levity; correct and discipline them in love but make sure you don’t pamper them.

It is okay to employ the use of cane but you should apply wisdom so you don’t end up inflicting injuries that you’ll regret later. Help them understand the reasons behind your actions.

No child whether biological or not deserves to be maltreated. If a child is put in your care, you’ll be doing yourself well if you shower love on such a child. The same measure should be meted out to those working for you.

Do not treat them like nonentities because you never can tell what tomorrow holds for either you or your children.


The Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi dismissed a lecturer who stood for the truth after he discovered that the University management did what was not commendable.

A student was caught cheating while taking the dismissed lecturer’s exam. Dr. Idris Ishaku Abdullahi has his first degree, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Economics.

While in service at the university, he served as an Examination officer at the Accounting and Finance Technology Programme in the above names university.

A student was caught cheating by another lecturer while sitting for Dr. Idris’ course. The unfortunate thing is that, he was the student’s project supervisor and the exam’s officer of the department.

Brekete Family.

While the investigation was on, Dr. Idris gained admission to study abroad for his Ph.D. which he pursued.

In his absence, the malpractice case was dismissed and the student was awarded a fake degree in the 2011/2012 session and he was awarded another certificate in 2012/2013; which implies that he was given two Bachelor Degree Certificates.

How on earth can that be? On his return, Dr. Idris queried the action and showed them the implications of the action but the management made a decision and the lecturer was dismissed.

Brekete Family.

For about two years after his dismissal, his account is being credited with salaries but is being utilized by unknown persons. In essence, he doesn’t have access to whatever is duly meant for him.

The lecturer on several occasions has been invited and detained by DSS, he was also given money so that he can stop pressing on the issue but he rejected and instead of staying idle, he opted for a cab business which he is presently into.

The height of injustice in Nigeria is alarming and nothing is being done to curb the menace because it is perceived to be a norm. How would someone who cheated be awarded two degrees and even be a lecturer at the moment?

The way corrupt practices are covered up is not limited to public officeholders. Who knows, the student might be a rich man’s kid whose identity is being protected. Yet an innocent man is being unfairly treated for standing up to speak the truth.

It is high time that Nigerians realized that this menace will do no good but rather cause havocs that might be difficult to correct.

Brekete Family.

On security issues in Abuja, the Ordinary President called the President of the Original Inhabitants Development Association (OIDA) of Abuja, Pastor Danladi Jeji to work together with CP Bala Ciroma so that roadside security challenges because of cashew plantation can be diplomatically handled.

The OIDA President will mobilize the owners of the plantations which have become hideouts for perpetrators of evil in the FCT; they will have a meeting with the FCT minister where they will be compensated so that the trees will be cut down and a new air of peace will breathe on Abuja.

The Ordinary President explained to Pastor Danladi that the presence of the trees make it difficult for the security agencies to carry out adequate preventive measures.

Children of the Deceased.

A widow whose husband served with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has been denied access to her husband’s gratuity.

When he was alive, his documents carried the names of his children as his next of kin but his relatives have removed their names and abandoned them to their fate.

The mother of Susan and henry David could not come to the studio because of the health challenge she is battling with.

The Ordinary President emphasized the importance of preparing one’s children for the road so that when they get to face it themselves, they wouldn’t have issues.

He stated that when a person dies, things can never remain the same for the immediate family he is leaving behind because they will face a lot of troubles from relatives who would claim to be entitled to the properties of the deceased.

Representatives from the Defence Headquarters.

Military Officers ought to be remembered and honored at all times. Many of them lose their lives while on the battlefield and memories of them are not honored.

They rarely have any time to spend with members of their families because they spend a major period of their lives fighting against enemies.

The number of widows in the military barracks is on the increase so the Chief of Defense staff organized a Tribute to our Troops’ program. The reason is to help the youths realize the importance of these people to the nation.

During the course of the program, they will be providing welfare materials to widows and their children and also honor those alive.

The program features entertainment at its best as it will be bringing renowned artist to spice the event, that is, it is open to everyone and attendance is free.


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