The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

The rate of insecurity in Nigeria was deliberated upon in today’s Brekete family program and the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah reiterate the fact that some hoodlums are into car theft and kidnapping in the Federal capital territory and the environs, he called on the relevant institutions that are meant to protect the masses to make sure all hands are on deck so that the situation will not escalate.

The IG Liaison to Brekete Family

He also advise the security agencies to desist from the idea of total sacking of their personnel because they are well trained officers and are dangerous to the community they found themselves if they left the force with nothing to write home about.

The Brekete Family

To buttress on the security agencies insensitive handling of their personnel, cases of dismissed soldier and a police was treated and the Ordinary president stressed the fact that unlawful dismissal of security personnel can reduce the morals of the serving officers and a call on the senior officer to be careful of the manner they handle disciplinary actions against their colleagues.

The Brekete Family

A lot of case was treated today as the Ordinary President ask all complainant to stand up and introduced themselves and the case that brought them to Brekete Family and he immediately direct all to the appropriate agencies that will handle individual cases as it helps to reduce the number of complainant that came from far distance.

A Complainant

The issue of fraud surrounding the pension fund administration was exposed in today’s program by the Ordinary President and with a call he made, a lot of revelations was made and he advise the Federal Government to desist from borrowing money from overseas countries because Nigeria his rich and blessed with resources to take care of itself and also to take a step to retrieve all the money that was kept in a hidden account by our present and past leaders.  


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