The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

When an opportunity presents itself before you, you should make utmost use of it. No opportunity whatsoever deserves to be thrown away. As a youth, you have more opportunities to explore because the period is seen as when you are energetic and full of strength.

It is okay to be careful but being extremely careful could be dangerous. It leads to loss of opportunities that are supposed to put you on your toes; it also leads to a loss of confidence.

Other times, being extreme could lead to making one withdrawn. No matter what happens, everything should be done in moderation. While taking advantage of opportunities, do well to stay connected to your creator.

Religiosity will not help but restrict you; instead, you should embrace godliness as this will make you better than you can imagine.


Sergeant Muhammed BabaAyo, a serving Police Officer who was involved in an accident in 2011 and secured a very bad injury on his leg has been provided with a procedure for further treatment at the orthopedics.

According to him, after his appearance during the program, last Wednesday where his case was presented and NHIS was challenged for being nonchalant in delivering services to citizens, he was called and was immediately attended to.

He said he located his NHIS details and sent it to Akaramakallah who forwarded it to the NHIS office. in less that 10 minutes, Mr. Muhammed who took to driving cab as a result of his inability to continue in the Police Force was called and he was told to wait at a particular location where he will be picked up and attended to.

Muftau Salman.

The Police Health Management Organization (HMO) Officer released a letter directing him to go to National Orthopedic Hospital in Kano for treatment. The Ordinary President gave him money to transport him to Kano where he will receive treatment.

The Police officer appealed to the Ordinary President to appreciate his friend, Muftau Salman who is a public servant. The friend introduced himself and said that when the accident happened, he was the first person they called from the hospital. He said the man took care of him and so it was more like giving back to him.

Mr. Salman disclosed that Sergeant Muhammed used to be a sportsman but could not continue because he didn’t get support from sportsmen. He appreciated the Brekete family and said that it was he who directed him to come to the Human Rights Radio to tender his complaints.


Mrs. Ogar from Keffi, whose school was shut down as a result of her illness and inability to pay her rents, was given the opportunity to give the family an update on the issue. In the course of the struggle, her husband’s car was towed from their house and confiscated. They have also received death threats on several occasions.

She said that after her last visit to Human Rights Radio, she was in her house when she received four unwanted visitors which consist of three men and a woman who drove in a Toyota Hilux. She was told that the vehicle had been recovered and in good shape. The ordinary president sent delegations to test run the vehicle and be sure it’s running perfectly and if it’s not, they’ll be forced to provide a new one.


Some traders in the Utako market have come with complaints that their shops were vandalized on 8th December by the Market Manager and Abuja Environmental Board. They complained to have gotten to their stalls and found what had happened.

The spokesperson said that they each paid N300, 000 to acquire mobile shops but they are shocked at the outcome of things. He said they tendered their complaints at the Abuja Environmental board and they were told to hold the Market manager responsible because he granted them access into the market.

Receipt of payment.

About their goods, they were told they would not be able to recover them. The concern is that these men and women work hard daily to make ends meet and here is an organization denying them the rights to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

These people were able to present one of the receipts issued to them at the purchase of the stalls. The Ordinary President called Dr. Jumai and she said she would figure it out and give feedback to the house.

Brekete Family.

The NFF complainants unveiled the third envelope tagged ‘EFCC’s Letter of response to President Muhammadu Buhari on the Corruption Investigation of NFF’.

Emmanuel Babayaro raised an issue of utmost concern; he said that despite the fact that some of the names of those who were indicted to be involved in corrupt acts have been mentioned, they still retain their offices and are not called to order.

The contents in the envelope revealed that a letter had already been written to EFCC and the Presidency regarding the misappropriation of funds going on in NFF by the former Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung.

The Letter.

This implies that the act of trying to unveil these happenings did not just start; it’s just that much attention has not been given to it. If the original letter was written in 2016, and EFCC’s response is dated 15th November, 2018 yet nothing is done even in 2019, there’s something wrong everywhere.

The amount of money listed out is so much that one wonders where on earth such whooping amount is gotten from. Yet those involved go about parading themselves without being questioned.


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