The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

When you invest in a business, it is right for you to make demands and enjoy the fruits thereof. In essence, when you train your children well, you would not be denied access to enjoy the stream of wealth that they might have made.

The same applies to marital relationships; you would enjoy your marriage when both of you join hands together to invest time, energy, love with intentions of reaping the results in the future.

Brekete Family.

Investment in this context implies that each one recognizes the responsibility that awaits him and is willing and ready to play his part. If a man who does not exhibit traits of a responsible man comes home to request for food without putting into consideration the needs of his home, such is considered not fit to make demands.

He can make demands only if his wife understands the reason for his unemployment and she sees him as one who is striving to make ends meet.

This policy concerns every individual as citizens of this country. If everyone works together to achieve results, it would not be difficult reaping good fruits.


Ignatius Agbor from Ogoja complained of the undue termination of his appointment from the Prisons Service. He was an assistant Inspector of prisons and he was accused to have absented himself for 6 weeks.

The complainant stated otherwise and said he was never absent and was not given an opportunity to explain but was dismissed unlawfully without trial. According to him, he was aged 30 at the time of dismissal.

The Ordinary President asked what his boss’ take was on the issue and he said he was unresponsive. Ordinarily, if the allegations were wrong, the boss would have spoken on his behalf and would have pretended the dismissal.

Brekete Family.

The Force PRO, Deputy Commissioner of Police Frank Mba called in on the program to explain reasons why he has not been able to take the Ordinary President’s calls. On one of the occasions, he was aboard a plane.

He also addressed a statement made by the Ordinary President. He said Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah made a rather offensive statement as regards his office. The Ordinary president explained that he had mentioned that ‘the Force PRO office has been ‘igbonised’.

Brekete Family.

Mr. Frank Mba explained how he has been able to manage the tribal differences in his office. According to him, since he assumed duty, he had not tampered with the structure and he gave the list of all his protocol officers and clearly enough, they are from the different regions of Nigeria.

The Ordinary President pointed out that complainants who were directed to the office usually encounter a woman named Ngozi who seems impolite and uninterested in cases coming from the Brekete Family.


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