Comfort Okpere (Complete Package).

While seeking to grow and improve in 2020, you should endeavor to evaluate yourself and figure out what needs adjustment. You can have a daily evaluation to see what you can do better the next day.

You will benefit if you are able to put all your weaknesses and shortcomings behind so they’ll not get in the way of your aspirations.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President encouraged a young widower who has three children to remarry so that the kids can enjoy a mother’s love. He further encouraged widows and widowers in like manner and pleaded with children to permit their parents to move on with their lives because the experience is not something to shoulder alone.

The man or woman sure needs a confidant during his down periods as he would find it hard confiding in his children who might at that time be too young to understand what their parent’s pain is. Of course, it is easier for them because attention will be on them but the widow or widower lacks that.

Brekete Family.

He also urged children or those whose parents are alive to desist from getting their parents angry.  Mothers are not to be treated with contempt or disrespect because they have played special and significant roles in an individual’s life.

If you have offended your mother and it looks like things are not working the way it should normally be, apologizing to her genuinely will further save you from the pains your negligence caused you.

If you are not sure of her forgiving, you can talk to those she holds in high regard so they will approach her on your behalf. We are not all perfect and having hiccups in our relationships is a norm but the manner in which it is handled is what makes us. One of those things that make you human is your ability to survive your parents.   


A lady named Glory shared her experience and how she escaped a kidnap attempt. According to her, she got in a cab and saw a lady who had her eyes fixated on her phone. She initially did not suspect that she was at a risk.

The vehicle eventually started and she was made to sit in the middle and the other lady was still watching a video. After a while, she realized that one of the guys who sat at the back was trying to pick up something from the car trunk but he could not. At this moment, she suspected that she was on the verge of being kidnapped.

When they reached a filling station, she asked to come down as she would like to ease herself; these people were reluctant to let her go as they chorused ‘why’. She realized the vehicle door was locked so she pleaded with the driver to unlock so she’ll ease herself.

He did and it was obvious that he and his gang were reluctant to let her go. She eventually found a way out but she wasn’t stable until hours after the incident.

Mr. Akinbinnu David (NSCDC Official).

The Ordinary President also advised young girls against getting pregnant without having a plan to take care of the child.

An incident was reported to have occurred in the FCT where a housemaid delivered a baby and wrapped him in a gift pack and later put the pack in a Ghana-must-go bag before she threw it through a fence in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, she was being watched by an Intelligent Officer of the NSCDC who immediately alerted individuals who ensured that she was well. She has since been taken to the NSCDC where she is being looked after and the baby has been confirmed to be doing well.         

Brekete Family.

Parents whose kids are in preschool classes; crèche, kindergarten have been advised by Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah to take cognizance of what their kids are given in school. Some of the children are drugged which eventually results in brain damage.

If you notice a strange behavior that your child never exhibited, it is better to address the issue immediately and give a sound warning to the school management to desist from doing what’s not responsible and allowed.                                                                                                        


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