FCCPC Representative.

The FCCPC representative, Bridget Etim has urged Nigerians to be careful of roadside purchase of goods and wares during the festive season; it could be posing a risk as the buyer does not get a receipt for what he purchased and if there is a problem, he doesn’t get to return and verify the authenticity of the product.

Customers are most times cheated by shop owners, so it is important that anyone buying anything exercises patience and is sure the calculation is accurate to avoid embarrassment.

Also, buy products according to the list you have written to avoid impulse buying. This implies that you should be cautious when buying as it’s very possible if care is not taken to buy unnecessary things.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President welcomed the Staff and Pupils of Trinity Bilingual School, Abuja. The pupils were opportune to introduce themselves and they did excellently because they proved that the school management is doing a great job.

The School is said to bring children from all walks of life together and prepare them not only educationally but in every required aspect of growth. As the name connotes, the pupils are taught using English and French as a medium of communication. Some of them introduced themselves in French.

Whilst the introduction was on, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah inquired from them what their future ambitions are and quite a number said they would love to be Doctors; some would love to be Engineers and Firemen.

Trinity Bilingual School

Chef Fatima called the attention of listeners to the fact that the children are being built to pursue white-collar jobs without putting into consideration the importance of entrepreneurship. She cited the instance of her daughter who would love to be a Chef but was questioned by her teacher as to why she wouldn’t choose being a Doctor instead.

The Ordinary President then urged the School management and other Educational bodies to include Entrepreneurship in the curriculum and not restrict the kids to learning theory alone. He said that when they are exposed to the practical aspect of life, they get ready for whatever it is life throws at them and are not shut down by it because they have the antidote.

Many people these days live well because they chose to expand their skills by getting involved in entrepreneur which has paved way for them than they would have bargained if they got stuck with what they learned in school.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President frowned at the way civil or public servants are treated especially when they retire. Talking about when they retire is of much concern because these ones are not provided with whatever is entitled to them or what they have worked for throughout their periods in active service.

Those in active service are victims of this dilemma as they are rarely paid what they deserve. While the lawmakers satisfy themselves, they leave the ordinary citizens to languish in poverty and see penury as a neighbor. Whatever bill that concerns making life better for the masses is trashed and not attended to.

And when the citizens step out in defense of their rights, it is tagged ‘Hate Speech’ which is an opportunity to silence a man who is only speaking for himself and the interest of others who are serving the country but not getting fair returns. The Government needs to come to the realization that leadership requires service.

They should do their best to deliver effectively and prove their worth instead of biting the hands feeding them. Yes! The truth is that the citizens voted them in and this in undeserving at all.


Emmanuel Babayaro who is known for not mincing words stated that Sports have a lot to deliver than anyone would imagine. For instance,  Anthony Joshua was once convicted to jail for being in possession of harmful substances but pulled through that moment because he was accepted back into the society through sports and today, he is widely recognized for his involvement in boxing and most recently for defeating Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia.

The Ordinary President added that if things are channeled the right way and sport is managed properly, Nigeria will improve and there’s no doubt, there will be more development and governance will be top-notch.

Harrison Jalla recounted that it was Former Minister of Sports who took up the challenge to address these corrupt acts in NFF. He added that despite taking that step, he lacks the capacity needed to deal with NFF because if he did, he would have mounted more pressure to ensure the right thing is done.

The Ordinary President then said that Solomon Dalung told him that on assumption into office, a minister is given N200 million and it is very possible that he partook in that tradition and any effort to tackle it might backfire. Tunde Aderibigbe added that he received a call informing him that the present Minister of Sports was instead given N300 million as against the usual N200 million.


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