The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

To succeed, it’s advisable that you embrace and take advantage of every opportunity that life presents before you. Failure to do that could do bring about regrets.

You don’t have to wait until you reach a particular age or attain certain heights before you embrace opportunities; they are everywhere and it takes a man who is expectant of every situation to perceive whatever is presented before him an avenue to break into limelight.

In order to achieve positive results in a developing country, we are required to change the narrative and approach; that is, instead of the constant complaint and the blame game, solutions should be proffered and worked upon.

Every individual has distinctive roles to play in the development of the nation. The leaders should not be left alone to do it; citizens should try as much as possible to contribute in their little capacity so that progress will be achieved.


A dismissed Police officer; Surad Alli who is a victim of domestic violence shared her heart-rending story during the Brekete Family program. She was recruited into the Nigeria Police Force at the age of eighteen (18) in 2000 as a constable.

She had a superior who was an Inspector at that time and they began an intimate relationship. At some point, she decided to pursue her career so she chose to go to the University for a Degree Certificate that’ll qualify her for promotion.

Her supposed lover is said to be a jealous and controlling one that he doesn’t want her relating to male folks. He made it so easy for himself that he ensured that she’s included in whatever duties he was carrying out so he’ll be able to monitor her closely.

Brekete Family.

She told him of her intention to return to school which he never objected but instead secured admission for both of them. They applied for the same course of study and it made watching her easier for him.

He’d make sure they were in the same group and anytime that did not work out, he would end up beating her mercilessly irrespective of where they are at that time. He made sure she was not transferred from the Division because he was always having something to say.

He went as far as getting a ladder that’ll aid his sneaking into her house after she must have bid him goodbye after his visit. He grew more insecure and controlling and he beat her at intervals. She made up her mind to approach him and put an end to the relationship though she feared the outcome might be bad.

Brekete Family.

One of the reasons for her decision was that she felt the relationship offered her nothing but pains and a lack of concentration in her studies. She ran away from her apartment for three months and sought for transfer from the division where both of them worked.

She also tried as much as possible to avoid him in class as she knew he would make an effort to trail her. As time went on, two officers; Bala and Mahmoud who were close to the duo noticed what was going on and decided to call his attention. He agreed to address the issue amicably and he sent for her.

On the day of the meeting, the four of them rode in his car to a deserted village where he asked her to repeat her statement. She did and he beat her mercilessly and inflicted more injuries on her and left her writhing in pain.

The two friends who were with them were shocked at his attitude and requested for an explanation on why he would do such a thing but he ignored their counsels. He left her helpless in a bad state.

Brekete Family.

Officer Bala came back and sought for help from the village to take her to a medical facility. All the while he’s been abusing her, she had reported but it seems like he’s connected and influential that nothing was done to call him to order.

According to her she suffered from fractured ribs and spent 2 years and 2 months in the Hospital. During those times, her salary was constant and she was always checked upon by her colleagues.

She discovered later that she had been transferred without her knowledge and dismissed on a later date. She took up the case and reported to those who were willing to help but she noted that this man blocked every chance she had to get justice and in the process, the IPO in charge of the case was shot dead. She added that he’s been threatening her life nothing has been done to curb his excesses.


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