Suleiman AbdulRazaq aka Akaramakallah.

Strive to be a part of the Nation’s development. Do not be found wanting when you are called to contribute your quota. As you do that, do not seek to enjoy people’s dark moments, be there for whosoever it is at this time and be willing to help them back on their feet.

Also, develop a positive mindset towards your contribution for a better Nigeria and give your best to that effect.

Brekete Family.

Madam Jummai of the FCT called in on the program and expounded on the Abuja Urban Buses released by the government to cater for resident’s transportation needs. She described the scheme as safe for every citizen and implored members of the public to embrace it.

Responding positively to what the government has put in place means it is duly appreciated and it spurs them to do more. In cases of emergency, the following numbers can be called; 07080631500, 08099936312, 08099936313.

She encouraged tricyclists to work hand in hand with the government so that there will be ease in the provision of service to residents. In a bid to serve residents well, Dr. Jummai announced that the administration has a mobile application.

Fastgov is the FCT administration application can be downloaded via Google play store. It is a web and mobile application for the public to communicate and transact with the government faster.


The essence of the Brekete Family program is to give ordinary citizens the opportunity to express their grievances while proffering possible solutions to subside the effect of the pains caused.

Mariam Muhammad Baba Suleja had earlier reported Premium Pension’s refusal to pay her late Father’s death benefits and gratuity for 10 years. She was in the studio to express her gratitude to God, The Ordinary President and the entire members of the Brekete Family for the role they played in ensuring her Late father’s pension is paid.

While speaking, she said the main reason she pursued the pension is so that she can further her studies and be a pharmacist. Mariam wrote the post UTM entrance Examination into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but has not been granted admission.

She then appealed to members of the public to help her secure admission to the aforementioned school. Luck shined on her, when after a few moments, a volunteer sent in a message offering to render help where possible.

Madam Nnenna Akajemele.

Madam Nnenna Akamjemele of SERVICOM explained the reasons behind inviting various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) to the studio. First, is to connect service providers to service takers. Secondly, it is to provide information and guide service takers on the right services to take.

And it is meant to connect ordinary citizens with the government to improve confidence on the part of the government. On today’s episode of the program, she came with a representative of the Code of Conduct Bureau, S.I Abu.

Mr. S.I Abu.

The Code of Conduct Bureau is an office established in 1989 by the government and it reflected in the 1999 constitution that the office seeks to establish high public morality and accountability.

That is, it is pertinent for a public officer to conform to these policies; he is expected to deliver excellent results and be responsible or accountable to his office. In cases where a public officer errs, he is sanctioned if found guilty, that is, he can be disrobed of his office or face other consequences for his actions.

In other situations, the organization looks into cases of embezzlement associated with government officials. Many officials go there poor but during their tenure, they feed themselves and loot government’s funds.

Brekete Family.

One of the ways this is being put to order is the provision of the Asset Declaration Form where a public officer declares all the wealth he has amassed in years before assuming office and the same procedure is repeated after his tenure.

Mr. S.I Abu encouraged members of the public to write petitions against suspected public officials who exhibit questionable behaviors especially in mishandling government funds and the organization is ready to look into the matter.

He assuredly stated that the total confidentiality of petitioners is guaranteed. Petitions are also to be written and submitted to the chairman’s office and not given to an intermediary.


Parents of the children that were denied admission by the management of the University of Abuja were in the studio following the instructions of the Ordinary President who asked that they come to the studio so that Madam Nnenna can address the issue.

Mr. Ben who was involved in running the program was around and he explained in detail all that was put in place to ensure the applicants get admitted. He verified that the candidates were all qualified for admission following their screening exercise where the university was amongst the first three in the country.

Mr. Ben.

He claimed innocence and said the management should be blamed because every payment was made to the University’s account and the program was approved by the outgone Vice-Chancellor.

He stated that he understands the plight of the parents but one thing that seems unclear is why the University chose to toy with the future of these young ones.

Madam Nnenna and SERVICOM will take the case up and address it adequately. It is classified as Service Failure, hence the need to engage the VC, Professor AbdulRasheed Na’Allah.


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