Suleiman Abdulrazaq and Comfort Okpere

Seize Every Opportunity because unfortunately, opportunities don’t last forever.  Say yes more often: Taking advantage of opportunities in life starts with simply saying yes to them when they come around. Saying yes to you also helps. Great opportunities often come from your own great ideas so don’t say no to them. If you’re negative about yourself, you’ll just limit your own options. Don’t hesitate: Opportunities are, by definition, short-lived. You need to be quick in order to get the most out of them. Opportunities are not always exclusive to you. Others might be tempted to move in on them if they see them. If you hesitate, you may lose out. Take more risks: Opportunities and risk-taking often go together. And the best ones are often the riskiest. Think back to a time when you were sitting on a couch watching television. How many opportunities came your way? Sometimes, you have to jumpstart those opportunities with a risk or two. Having a positive attitude has several advantages. For one, it helps you succeed when you’re taking a risk. Focus: Know what you want out of life. If you know what you want out of life, your mind will focus in on that and be on the lookout when an opportunity arises.

Brekete Family

The Brekete Family Academy resource persons were and they made presentation on how their trainings are coming up.

He opened phone lines for members to call in and bear their minds on the issues at hand.

The representatives of SERVICOM

The DG SERVICOM was introduced and she made a presentation on how SERVICOM works and the kind of services they bring to the people and also an experience that a lady had at an airport and how SERVICOM helped her.


Ambassador Potopoto called in to the program and he congratulated the Brekete family on the good work they are doing.


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