The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The fight against corruption needs to get intense to the point that it will be difficult for those involved in corrupt acts to continue. In a bid to fight against the menace, citizens are encouraged to desist from getting involved in corruption because if they get involved, the essence for wanting to tackle it is rendered useless.

Also, it is important to speak up when an observation is made about corrupt officers. Though eventually, it is very possible for the case to be swept under the carpet but it will be on the records that at some point, a group of well-meaning Nigerians spoke up.

The Ordinary President described Corruption as being an inherited part of the government and if care is not taken, it will destroy every good thing that’s supposed to be put in place for National Development.

Brekete Family.

Inheriting corruption implies that it’s a trend that’s being passed down at the end of tenure in office. The Ordinary President added that there are diverse forms of corruption and they include; religious and tribal discrimination, and Kidnapping which is so rampant in Nigeria.

You might not be involved in Kidnapping, stealing and the likes but what about time when you were nepotistic, that means, you showed preference to people because you hail from the same place or you share the same religious belief or faith.

Whatever it is, inasmuch as it does not promote peace and harmony in the country, it is capital corruption. It is then advised that you should desist from it because if you don’t your acts are not justified as those in government who are practicing it and getting off with it.

The Letter issued by Sunday Dare.

An ex-international footballer and Olympic gold medalist, Emmanuel Babayaro brought it to the notice of every member of the Brekete Family that the Minister of Youth and Sports, Sunday Dare wrote a letter to the Ordinary President where he claimed the latter is involved in defaming his character through the Brekete Family Program especially the one aired on the 11th December, 2019.

The letter was sent to Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah yesterday but had already been circulated on the internet. The Ordinary President who is unperturbed by this move said he was ready because he was sure he didn’t say what’s wrong.


The interesting part is that those instigating the court order are the same NFF Lawyers who have not been functional until now when the interesting case is being discussed.

On the other hand, the Ordinary President said the Minister should have shown appreciation to the family for helping him discover the corrupt acts going on under his roof of authority. The letter stated that if the Ordinary President does not apologize, he would be fined a sum of 10 Billion Naira.


Harrison Jalla who is the President of the National Association of Nigerian Footballers added that he had written a letter to FIFA on 26th January and 26th February 2019 respectively requesting to know the status of his report.

The reply read that despite being the one reporting the case, they are not under any obligation to carry him (Harrison Jalla) along. In other words, the response was not favorable and it looked and sounded more like it was wavered.

Tunde Aderibigbe read out a list of illegal withdrawals made by NFF principal officials and it is amazing to think that despite all of these revelations, the Federal Government has still not found any reason to take it up duly.

The truth is, if things should go on thus, there is no doubt whatsoever that corruption will eat deeper than it has at the moment because the rate is appalling.

It is required that whosoever has been said to be allegedly involved in these questionable acts, such should be brought to order and necessary investigations carried out. If found guilty, they should face the consequences of their crimes and if otherwise, such should be allowed to continue in office and awarded for integrity.


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