The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President has encouraged every human being to do away with self-consciousness. Anyone who is overly conscious of whatever he or she has is tending towards failure.

The moment your looks become a priority, it’s time to realize that you are on a ride that’ll eventually lead to ineffectiveness in whatever you desire to do or achieve. A lot of people pay more attention to looks and appearance than they would to whatever is required of them to create a positive impact on people.

Brekete Family.

No one is asking you not to admire or appreciate yourself but it is just wise that you spend less time doing that because the excess time used in doing unnecessary things be converted to affecting lives positively, taking better and amazing decisions or even making money.

Also, when you are too conscious of your personality, status, age or other ephemerals, it’s very like that you would lose focus which might, in the long run, be detrimental by the time you come to realize how much of a time you have wasted.

Brekete Family.

He also advised parents to be mindful of whatever they allow their children/wards to watch on the television or the internet. A lot of times, these contents are not children worthy as they can be misleading.

Whatever would make your children deviate from all that you have committed into their hands morally should be highly discouraged. It has been discovered that the bad habits practiced by children nowadays were mostly a result of the influence of what was viewed online or on the television.

Brekete Family.

A lot of these programs no longer promote morals and they are instrumental to the widespread of homosexuality or gay marriage because it is promoted and the unsuspecting children do not see anything wrong in what they are watching even as their minds are being tailored towards that direction.  

Not only has it created illusions, but most of these shows also teach children to lie, be rude and have no regard for those ahead of them all in the name of having fun.

In order to be happy and be proud of your children, screen out things that will not add value to their lives so that you will be a happy parent.

The Ordinary President.

Partners and well-wishers celebrated and commemorated the 3rd year on-air anniversary of the Human Rights Radio, Abuja.  

The Ordinary President would have rather preferred a low-key celebration but listeners and viewers across the globe would not permit that as they stated that it’s worth celebrating because the radio station has created a platform where people’s opinions can be aired.

Not only has it set a record to be followed; its existence has redefined broadcasting and created a relative experience for its listeners.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah who is the President and Founder of the Brekete Family was lost for words as people within and outside the country called in to shower encomiums on him and to pray for an increase in every of his endeavors.

He was encouraged not to give up irrespective of whatever challenge he encounters while fighting for the rights of the citizens.

He is popularly referred to as the Voice of the Voiceless because he has put himself in a place of humility and assumed the position of being the voice to those whose voice is unheard of and those who have been denied justice.

In a bid to achieve his core mandate, he has on countless times put smiles on the faces of them who appeared to have lost hopes.


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