Comfort Okpere a.k.a Complete Package.

Time should not be wasted irrespective of whatever situation one is in. Some people as a result of joblessness just lazy around with the assumption that they are not meant to work or that luck seems far from them.

You should not adopt that form of lifestyle. Everyone has the ability in place to enjoy life and stand out but some people have written themselves off that they don’t believe anything good can come out of them. Awake to your responsibility.


A man named Ashile Salihu explained that he worked for a man in 2012 who was expected to pay him the sum of N2.2 Million but he instead paid him N300, 000.

According to him, his wife became ill and every effort made to reach the latter proved abortive. He said, whenever the calls to request for his money, he’d postpone until when he stopped picking his calls.

At the time his wife was sick, he could not meet up with her medical requirements and she died. Another challenge is that his children are stranded and not able to resume school alongside their colleagues.


A former Police Officer who introduced himself as Longe Lucky said he worked as a State CID in Kwara State for about 12 years after which he had to relocate for some reason. He later became a Mobile Police.

His former landlord informed him that his (landlord) brother had an issue and officer Lucky had to accompany him to court. On getting to court, he met some SARS officers who arrested him because they had clashed at some point.

Despite the fact that he revealed his identity as a Police officer, he was still arrested and detained in custody for over a year.

During the period of his arrest, nobody knew where he was and his colleagues thought he was killed already and he was declared missing. When his father who was a retired Soldier intervened, he was asked to bring N1 Million to bail him.


A lady known as Ogochukwu Tanko Shameshi explained her ordeal after getting married. According to her, she got married to her late husband in 2014 and she knew that he had initially lost his wife who bore a child who at that time was 7 years old.

She said when the marriage was to hold, her husband presented her to the family with him being the eldest of them. After he told them of his intentions, his younger brother disapproved of the union but they succeeded in getting married.

When people presented them with gifts, he only threw a N20 note at them and threatened them. Two weeks after the marriage, her husband came home to tell her that his brother said the wife should boil needle and thread so that they can drink but she refused and the younger brother thought they had drunk it.

Brekete Family.

After 6 months, the couple had a little misunderstanding and the husband reported to his brother who took him to an herbalist who gave him a monkey to rear and keep in a cage.

The monkey was believed to be linked to the husband’s life, that is, whenever the monkey dies, the husband will too. Her husband ordered her to give the monkey food in the morning which she considered barbaric.

After a while, the monkey died and she had already taken in. He accused his wife of killing the monkey so he left the house. After then, she was served a divorce notice and on getting to the court, the judge ruled in her favor.

Brekete Family.

She successfully put to bed without the husband or his relative’s help but after three months, the child was taken away from her.

Her husband came home and tricked her; unknown to her, it was a ploy to take her son away from her.

Even after her husband’s death, she has not been given the opportunity to see the child and at the moment, he should be 5 years old.


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