The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Every individual has reasons to be grateful. If things don’t work out the way you desire, you should not deem it fit to give up as there is life and more opportunities to achieve.

If people around you are not happy as expected, it could mean that God is sending you a message and wants you to learn some lessons. Also, you should remember that people will offend you; do not let it get to you.

If eventually, it gets out of hand, you should try to reconcile with whosoever is involved as that shows that you are mature and ready to move past whatever has happened.

Ms. Lemmie, the Scholarship Funds Coordinator of the Aham Rochas Foundation announced the beneficiaries for the month of March.

Amongst those selected were Hauwa Muhammed and her little sister who are children of a late Police officer whose wife also passed on while struggling to get his gratuity.

Hauwa’s story attracted a lot of sympathy as she was blessed in cash and kind by people within and outside the studio.

Little Hauwa.

The Ordinary President also promised to help secure her late father’s gratuity so that she and her sibling will be happy.

Hauwa’s uncle had initially shared her story during one of the programs with the aim of getting his late brother’s entitlement.

Not only as it paved way for him, but the children are happy and ready to return to school.

Brekete Family.

The ordinary President announced to the delight of every listener and viewer the latest updates on the NBET and NFF issues.

On the NFF issue, ICPC is taking over the case and working hard to unveil loots that have been taking place for years.

The NBET boss, Marilyn Amobi lost a case in court and was ordered to pay off whatever she owes anyone else she dances to the tune of the music being played for her and those involved in the loot.


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