Be productive and strive to be the best you can ever be. Life’s got a lot to offer and it would be of utmost benefit if as human beings, we embrace and make ample use of every opportunity that comes our way.

If the opportunities are unattended to, it passes you by and retrieving it comes really hard.

PCC Representative, Mr. Emma Ugboaja.

Mr. Emma Ugboaja of the Public Complaints Commission advised complainants to be patient as the commission doesn’t do task force. They instead work patiently as there are standard procedures for every case presented before them.

Attending to these cases sometimes take longer periods to resolve so it is requested that there’s patience on the part of the complainants who are expecting excellent results.

He further explained that some of the investigative officers are sometimes financially incapacitated thereby limiting them.


Adewale Ibrahim was a corps member at Adamawa state in 2015. During service, he observed there was a dangerous junction that has been a point of many accidents in the area.

The complainant said he was involved in an accident at that place and that it links his place of primary assignment and the deputy Governor’s house.  He decided to make a difference by making amends on the road. He sought opinions from residents but they were watered down. He tried to seek the approval of the then Deputy Governor of the state who gave him a go-ahead.

As he was about embarking on the project, a man named Engineer Rabiu from the Urban and Rural Town Planning accused of wanting to do what is beneath his ability and he asked who gave him the effrontery to start the project.

Brekete Family.

According to him, he had received approval from the necessary authorities and the project was supposed to reduce the high rate of accidents on that road. Engr. Rabiu did everything possible to frustrate the success of the project.

He threatened to hinder him from completing the project and if he does, he would not let him commission it and if Ibrahim pulls through these, he would stop him from getting his award.

He was denied the award and he got an extension of service. The case is before the Public Complaints Commission and effort to retrieve his award is in process.


The cases of non-payment of gratuity are on the high. Why on earth the family of a deceased member of staff would be denied access to their relation’s money. It is sad to note that organizations doing this are not being fair enough. They are only exposing the affected family to the dangers of being impoverished.

Mrs. Paulina Agbo complained about the refusal of the management of the Nigeria Security Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) to pay her late sister’s death benefits. She explained that her sister who died in 2015 had until then worked with NSCDC for 11 years.

The deceased left behind three children; two of which are in the boarding house while the youngest; Comfort is in Primary School. Since the death of their mother, Mrs. Paulina had taken up the responsibility of taking care of them.

She also doubles as their late mother’s next of kin but every step taken by her to get a hand on the gratuity has proven unproductive. She explained how she went to the office several times without any adequate provision for the death benefits and gratuity.


Ilyasu Riliwan also complained about the refusal of the Coca Cola Company to pay his late father’s gratuity. His father until death was a Senior Officer in the aforementioned company. He died in 2004 when the complainant was just 17 years old.

The wife made efforts to get the gratuity but was prevented by a selfish uncle who claimed to be the next of kin and wanted to by all means access the benefits. In 2014, the woman also died and every effort by the son, Ilyasu to get the benefit has been futile.

On getting to the company, the Human Resource Manager said she will print the 3 months’ payslip to be able to get the money.  Getting the letter of the administration took two years to be received and he took it back to the HR who gave him another two weeks.

After two weeks, they didn’t find his file and details in the Insurance Company. Mr. Emma Ugboaja promised on behalf of the commission to get it figured out.


Whenever there’s a business deal, be mindful of whom you introduce. There are lots of non-trustworthy people who are more concerned about filling their immediate longings.

Abubakar Hamzah is a car dealer and had a client named Ibrahim who wanted to sell off his car. Hamzah suggested that since the vehicle is an old model, it should be sold to someone who would use it for commercial purposes; he then introduced a mechanic, Joshua who would refurbish the vehicle and make it fit for use.  

Joshua showed interest in buying the vehicle and after much persuasion, he agreed to pay N200, 000 for the purchase. Hamzah had already made it clear that he won’t stand as surety for Joshua since it looked like he wasn’t reliable enough to keep up with agreement.

Brekete Family.

Joshua then got another surety who is a painter named Gbadebo. For years, Joshua defaulted and didn’t pay until he was arrested; it was after then he paid N65, 000.

Several years passed and the remaining money wasn’t paid; this got the owner Ibrahim angry and he employed the services of two Soldiers to get Hamzah arrested on the 25th of October, 2019.

They took him and insisted that he drove the car he was asked to sell to Gowon barracks. He tried reaching Joshua but the former didn’t take his calls on the ground that he didn’t stand surety for him. The car belonging to a widow is still impounded at the Gowon barracks.

It is important to give explicit information to force men and women on the description of their offices. A policeman should not perform the duties of an Army and vice versa.

Representatives of AEDC

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company represented by Mr. Oyebode Fadipe, Mr. Arthur Onyeka and Mr. Nneemeka Onora strongly advised Nigerians to desist from tampering with electricity.

This came as a result of a report received that someone was electrocuted while trying to vandalize the company’s property very close to Cedarwood Preparatory School Dawaki. It was stated that whenever there is an electrical fault, reporting to the appropriate authority should not be delayed.

Mr. Nneemeka emphasized that the complaints should not be tabled before just anybody who might likely parade themselves as AEDC officials. All complaints must be documented so that appropriate measures are equally taken.

For further information, call the following numbers; 08152141414, 08152151515.


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