The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Today’s sermon was targeted at civil servants and those who are power-thirsty. Whatever you do today speaks in the future. If you deliberately do well, of course, you are bound to reap amazing results. But on the other hand, if you choose evil over good, the law of karma is readily available to haunt you.

The Ordinary President added that God is permanent but His blessings are not because when he blesses or gifts you with talents, he has given such to quite a number of people; that is, there are people who can do the same things you do.

It is expected of you to make the very best use of all he’s given you because when properly managed can be taken away from you. You should not be intimidating with the gifts and talents given to you by your Creator.

Dr. Jummai Ahmadu.

Dr. Jummai Ahmadu of the FCT Call Centre delivered the message of the FCT Minister who commemorated with the Human Rights Radio on its 3rd year anniversary. In his letter, he applauded the ordinary’s efforts in joining hands with the federal government to curb corruption.  

The Ordinary President craved her indulgence and requested that her team look into the leadership structure of the Federal Medical Centre Jabi and other public offices that need redress.

Reports have it that the hospital has become an avenue for embezzling funds. It was also gathered that the hospital management will request payment before proceeding to treat a patient and that it does not accept payment through the POS but by cash.

Brekete Family.

A member of the Brekete family shared his experience when his wife was about to put to bed; it was required of her to go through the cesarean section and they needed money to commence the process.

He then offered to transfer the money but the offer was declined as he was asked to go out alone to make withdrawals.

This calls for concern because what if a bad thing happened to him while in the dark or what if he lost his wife in the process of getting the money and the nurses are going about without putting into consideration the condition of the pregnant woman.

In light of these happenings, the Ordinary President disclosed his intention to set up the Brekete Family Hospital that will provide excellent medical treatment and will employ the use of certified hands and equipment that will contribute to making it an easy experience for patients who would pay affordable fees to get treated.

Wale Aladejana.

The Ordinary President commended the perfumer/ designer of the Sapphire Scents and Sapphire Time brand, Mr. Wale Aladejana. He described him as hardworking and one who does not give up owning to the fact that he started his business from scratch without paying attention to the voices of naysayers.

He also encouraged Nigerians to embrace hard work and he emphasized the importance of exporting goods to countries. Nigerians are known to be more interested in importing things from other countries but it is high time we woke up to realize that there are amazing resources that can be exported for sales.

Brekete Family.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah gave instances of materials and products beneficial to health that are readily available to be taken out due to the importance attached to it. Some of the products include; fruits, herbs, natural and mineral resources amongst others.

It was also noted that some of the products that are imported into the country are not genuine. These producers make their things of less quantity and expect the consumers to buy more when it gets spoilt.

They even ensure that the spare parts are very scarce and not within reach. We should try to set a world standard by not settling for the less that are presented by the western world.

Mr. Wale mentioned that his idea of business is to create something that would fit into the nature of the African man. The Ordinary President encouraged Nigerians to support and promote Made in Nigeria goods.


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