Comfort Okpere a.k.a Complete Package.

In order to achieve the better Country we all want, we need not leave the responsibility in the hands of our leaders alone.

Agreed that they were elected into office but then it is expected of every human to do his or her best to ensure that fulfilling the mandate is a success. It starts by helping those around you, taking care of your immediate environment.

In short, being a good and representing citizen makes it easier because they are sure of those they are leading. No matter how little your contribution, it should be valued.

You should never underrate your deeds or abilities as they go a long way to solving minor issues that would have wreaked havoc but for your intervention.

SERVICOM and FHA Representatives.

Madam Nnenna Akajemele, the National Coordinator of SERVICOM came with Officials of the Federal Housing Authority. Their presence marked SERVICOM’s 104th episode of the helpdesk and appearance on the Brekete Family Program.

She explained that SERVICOM is still working hard to ensure that satisfactory services are provided. She announced the appointment of Mrs. Henrietta as the new Public Awareness Officer, SERVICOM.

Mrs. Sarah Ogiyefa, the General Manager in charge of Property Management, Federal Housing Authority came in the company of her colleagues namely; Humphrey Uke, Joanne Nwankwo, and Tony Ochilebe.

They were opportune to explain what the scheme seeks to achieve. According to Mrs. Sarah, the intention of the government is to ensure that every citizen including the middle class and low-income earners benefit from the scheme.

Brekete Family.

That is, the interests of the low-income earners are put into consideration. She further explained that they build houses in virtually every state in the country. The idea is for everyone to have a conducive and habitable structure.

She stated that in Abuja, sites are to be developed in areas like Kwali and Gwari but there are available structures for sale in Zuba and she encouraged people to buy as she described the price as affordable.

Apart from the FCT, she said the scheme spreads across the 6 geo-political zones in the country.

Emmanuel Babayaro.

In this regard, questions were thrown at the officials from within and outside the studio. One of the questions asked is that ‘what modality is being put in place to prevent the rich from acquiring more than one property thereby reselling at more expensive prices to the poor’?.

Emmanuel Babayaro said that from explanation, it doesn’t look like the scheme has plans for the less privileged because if someone in this category gets a one-bedroom flat for N5.5 million, of what benefit is it to him and is there a flexible way of paying the money. He said ‘make it possible for them and not impossible’.

An elderly man named Edward Adigwe said he applied to FHA in 1994 while he was in Benin but to date, he is yet to be given a house. In response, he was told that in as much as he still had his receipts intact, he could request for the house or ask that his money be refunded.


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