Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

When God gives you people to cherish and care for your needs, do not take it for granted. He put them in your life for reasons which might include bringing out the best in you.

No matter how slow you get at picking up, be assured you’ll eventually reach where you are going irrespective of the pace once you are determined to do what’s required of you. 

Add value to your life and those around you by taking advantage of whatever opportunity comes your way.

Hon. Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu.

The Honorable Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu was present in the studio to expound on the importance of science and technology.

He describes Science, Technology, and Innovation as the center of a Nation’s development.

In other words, for a nation to be considered as developed, it should have sustained records of technological innovations. In the real sense of it, there is basically nothing you can achieve outside inventions and innovations.

The Minister and his entourage.

Inventions and innovations keep the world going and that is why the world is referred to as a global village. The Minister added that the Ministry of science and technology that he oversees has in view the 4th edition of the technology Expo 2020.

The theme for the expo is; ‘Enhancing the growth of a diversified economy through science and technology’.

The Expo scheduled to hold from the 16th-20th March 2020 seeks to bring together inventors, innovators who would meet to build partnerships with investors and also showcase their various creativity of technological activities.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President added that of a truth, Nigeria has produced a lot of inventors who enjoy little or no attention from the government.

He cited Pharm. Zainab who is an advocate for traditional medicine. She like others have procured remarkable solutions to infections but needs to be recognized as they have more to deliver to the Nation at large and its citizens.


Mrs. Cecilia Francis updated the house on her missing daughter’s case. Her daughter, Success Francis had gone to the village to visit her grandmother in March 2017 but unfortunately got missing.

While the search was on at that time, a vigilante informed her that he found a missing child that he handed over to a chief. The complainant was even sent to prison because of the influence of the chief who had it in mind to get back at her.

The Chief in question alleged that Cecilia has accused him of killing her daughter; whereas the Ordinary President said ever since she had started to come to the studio, she never mentioned that he killed her daughter.

The Police have been bringing a 13-year-old girl whom they have not questioned. The Ordinary President appealed to the Minister of Science and technology to use his good office and get the woman to see the Inspector General of Police so that it can be taken up from there and she’ll be granted justice where need be.


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