Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

No one should desire to be a liability. A liability is considered to be one who is a burden to someone or other people; in other words anyone who is overly dependent on people for survival.

To avoid being classified in this category, you have to be determined and stand up for yourself. You should be purposeful, that there should be something driving you to succeed. Encourage yourself and be sure to be effective while producing mind-blowing results.

Strive to add value not only to yourself but to members of your immediate community. Also, note that success is not meant for only those who have education; it’s not limiting. You only get limited because you chose to.

Irrespective of either you are educated or not, success is a must-have. There are different ways of approach but all that matters is the result.

Suleiman Abdulrazaq alias Akaramakallah ‘waxed’ a remixed album that carried a more powerful message to electorates who would be casting their votes during the November 16th election in Kogi and Bayelsa States.

Brekete Family.

The original song is titled ‘Not For Sale’ that featured Tuface, Teni, and other Nigerian musical artistes. The wordings of the song encouraged electorates to cast their votes without bias; they should never sell their votes or aid and abate violence during the election exercise.

That is violence and every form of electoral malpractices should be discouraged and that there’s no gain in being enemies with each other. He advised through the song that anyone who is being pressured to be involved in violence should run for their dear lives because those suggesting it do not have the interest of poor citizens at heart.

If they do, they will not encourage violence and they will not hide their family members thereby exposing every other person to danger.

FRSC Liaison.

The FRSC Marshal Liaison, RC Muhammad Kabir Abubakar appreciated Nigerians for their cooperation and said Nigerians should endeavor to pursue safety. According to him, there is an annual commemoration for road traffic crash victims courtesy of the FRSC’s collaboration with the United Nations.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Life is not a car part’. This means that life should be seen as precious and should not be equated to that of a car because a car has spare parts but human life once destroyed cannot be replaced.

It is celebrated with various activities including rallies, visit to crash survivors in the National Hospital and Prayers in the different places of worship. Safety should be everyone’s business. If a co-road user errs, he should be called to order and corrected so that there can be a huge reduction in the number of highway crashes.

FCCPC Representatives.

Mr. Peter Utazi and Mrs. Bridget Etim who are representatives of one of the Brekete Family’s life partners; Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission educated listeners and viewers on the importance of being conscious of whatever is being purchased.

Mrs. Bridget who was the spokesperson expounded on the issue by stating clearly that the festive or yuletide season is near and there are lots of things to be sold in the markets but it is important to be on the lookout for a counterfeit product that will be on the rise too.

She advised that roadside buying should be totally discouraged because it’s very difficult to verify the authenticity of the product. It is also important to read customer reviews so that you can put into consideration what any other user thinks about the product you are about to pay for.

Brekete Family.

And after buying, keep your receipts carefully to avoid unnecessary accusations when as a consumer, you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased. For complaints, call 08056003030 or email contact@fccpc.gov.ng

Also, it has been observed that some storekeepers or attendants are guilty of being dubious, that is they extort their customers and shop owners unknowingly.  One of the ways they employ to dupe their customers is that they charge extra for some of the products or calculate wrongly to get inaccurate figures.

They extort their bosses by carting away goods without the knowledge of the shop owner. And these things are going to be on the increase during the yuletide because of the rush to buy and leave in time. Cases like these should be reported to FCCPC without delay.

Eze Ugochukwu.

Skyland Scape Media and Event Limited is an organization that aims at promoting both public and private universities for National development. It also helps to present to the public, universities with fully accredited courses.  

Eze Ugochukwu announced that the organization will be hosting a University Exhibition Fair that will provide opportunities for prospective candidates, professionals and anyone who is interested to meet officials of any university of choice and discover new things.

At this event, prospective candidates who are confused about what school to attend will have an opportunity to make their choices because they will have an insight into the different programs run by several universities.

The event is scheduled to hold on the 27th and 28th November, 2019 at the Exhibition Pavilion, Area 10, Garki, Abuja. For more information, call 08023556571 or 07030448318. You can also check the website www.universityfair.com for inquiries.


Elder Polycarp expressed immense gratitude to the Ordinary president and the entire team for the effective measures being used to curb unfair attitudes meted out to the ordinary citizens of the country.

He appreciated the Ordinary President on behalf of 1,731 members that were retrenched from Savannah Sugar Company in 2003 without pay. After the case was addressed, they received their pay but he complained that about 50 people did not receive the said monies in their accounts because the accounts are ‘baby accounts’ and cannot accommodate such amount. Others were short paid while some people’s years of service were wrongly captured.

He cited several instances but one of them is that, someone worked for 22 years and the company computed his benefits to be about 2.2 million naira but was paid by Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) the sum of N941,000 and PTAD paid him N15, 000.

He explained that there are not less than 21 affected persons in this category. He also stated that there were cases of negative balances; for instance, a man worked for 10 years but his benefit is 2 million, he was paid 425,000 in 2004 and his balance as brought out by BPE is N-15,000.

He explained that the reason for coming back is that since the Brekete family had been at the forefront of the struggle, it is important that he gives a report for record purposes. He also said the various unions they belonged to never supported them despite their contribution to the union’s developments.


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