Suleiman Abdulrazaq

As individuals we should try to protect ourselves and people around us by being cautious, so we should always be aware, careful and alert to danger, know where you are and who to trust, and also for us to pay attention to ourselves and also to our surroundings.

Brekete Family

The representatives from Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) all introduced themselves.

The phone lines were opened for other member far and wide to call into the program and make their contributions.

Ambassador Potopoto called into the program to make his own contribution and also congratulated all of Brekete Family on all the efforts to make Nigeria a great country.

Dr. Robert Ruzu

Dr. Roberts Ruzu introduced himself and also made a presentation on traditional and alternative medicine, and also came with one of his customers to testify about the drugs.

The representative of Federal Road Safety Corps was introduced and made a presentation on how they run their services and also how they will improve on it.

The representatives of FCCPC

The representatives of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) was introduced and made a presentation, they talked on keeping all our bank information very safe and not trusting anyone with it. They also said one should be weary of friendly faces at the ATM that ask for you for transfer and other tips to protect our bank details.


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