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One of the blessings given to the human race is the gift of the brain. The brain is more like an area where bodily functions are controlled. The brain was put in place for a purpose which should be actualized.

Let your brain be active and be sure to use it in a positive way. Do not let it lie to waste or leave it redundant. The capacity of the brain is large and should be stretched so that it can be fully utilized.

When you use your brain, you are fulfilling your purpose in life and showing appreciation to your creator.


Bitrus Solomon, a son and next of kin to Sergeant Bitrus Bade, said that his father was sick since 2015 and his salary was stopped in 2017 after which he was told to bring the sick father for verification.

He took him for the supposed screening; his passport was requested but nothing has been done to that effect ever since and the sad thing is that his father is still sick.


Alhaji Sule Sahle, aged 88 and a father of 58 children complained that his landed property in Karu shares a boundary with the Etsu of Karu’s house. The land was encroached on by a Judge of the High Court named Sunday Bawa.

According to him, the Etsu of Karu has requested to meet the owner of the land so that transfer of ownership would be properly and legally carried out but the Judge seems to be biased and has other intentions.

Alhaji Sule mentioned that he decided to meet the person who built on his land and on getting there, the man asked how it was possible for a Hausa man and a Muslim to have properties in Karu.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah called in on the program to express his appreciation to every listener especially those in the studio.

He also commended CP Bala Ciroma for the action he took alongside his men by invading the hideouts of criminals in the FCT.

Due to the weather and its effect on the human system and organs, he advised that individuals inculcate the habit of drinking water so as to neutralize every effect and purify the system.


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