It’s Friday and it is tagged the Anti-corruption and whistleblowing day. It is an avenue to unveil shady transactions and frauds involving public officials who are supposed to uphold the tenets of their office but instead abuse it.

A number of police-related experiences were tabled and sincerely, they are heart-rending and not encouraging.


Mr. Mcwary complained on behalf of his Sister Tracy who is in the Correctional Centre. This case caught a lot of attention because it involves public officials and their nonchalance towards a contract. They get a contract but instead of carrying it out, they keep the money for their personal interests.

She has her NGO and is a member of the Presidential Amnesty Program initiated by the late President, Umaru Musa Yar’adua as an institution that will not only grant amnesty to the Niger Delta militants but also to oversee the human development capacity of the region.

In 2017, Tracy hosted the Amnesty Peace Award and the Miss Amnesty Nigeria Beauty pageant with an aim to empower them with skills. She explained her intention for 2018 to Brigadier Paul Boroh who was Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of PAP.

A Copy of Petition.

He encouraged and promised to support her towards the project but he was unfortunately sacked by the Presidency. Two weeks after his appointment, she met the new SA, Professor Charles Dokubo who explained to her that he would love to be a part of it but at that time, everyone was being probed in the office.

Despite that, the pageant held and it was successful after which she put to bed and took a break from work. After her leave, she picked up her proposal and returned to Prof. Charles’ office that approved of her proposal and directed her to go the Head of Job Placement.

On getting there, she met Margaret who told her the pageant is overrated and might not be profiting so it was suggested that she should instead have the Amnesty Got Talent show. Due to this development, she was awarded a grant of N100 million for the project but she was paid 40% of the money that is N37 Million.

The Copy of the Petition written to EFCC.

Having received the alert at night, she was supposed to pursue the project but in the money, she found out from her security that uniformed men came looking for her. She thought they were after collecting the money from her so she took action and wrote petitions to EFCC and some other security offices to inform them of the development.

She was called by the SA who told her that she needs to agree with them to run things the usual way. She wondered what exactly he meant by the ‘usual way’ and he told her to come for a meeting in his house.

On getting there, she met every other person seated and there she was told that she had to refund the money and sign a particular document that will grant them access to the remaining money from the Federal Government’s account which she objected.

In other words, they wanted to prevent her from going on with the project so they would share the money amongst themselves. They threatened that if she refuses, they will eliminate her. She was told to send money to a particular account.

Brekete Family.

Seeing that she objected, they started tracking her every movement and began to harass her. She reported the case to CP Bala Ciroma who began investigation but after a while, the case took a new turn and the Deputy Inspector General of Police offered to help her if she would sleep with him. She refused again and that was the beginning of trouble.

Her brother explained that she was attacked and surrounded by armed men who broke her vehicle, smashed her phone, beat her up and took her away without the knowledge of any member of the family. Her sister who works for the Armed Force went to the Police station for details on the arrest and she was beaten and locked up too.

After a while, she was charged to court and sent to prison just because she refused to compromise her beliefs. At the moment, she is in the Suleja Prison with her baby who is less than a year old. The Court case is said to be adjourned till 5th December which is the last hearing for the year.


Also, Bassey Anekwe, an automobile technician shared his experience on how he was indicted with an offense he didn’t commit. It was said that while he was away to bury his brother that he bought a stolen generator.

When he was away, the policemen paraded a suspected thief and he was said to have confessed to committing the crime and added that he sold the generator to Mr. Anekwe. When Anekwe arrived, he decided to go to the Police Station just to show himself so that it won’t be concluded that he ran away after committing a crime.

On getting there, officers accompanied him to search his house and shop but the generator was not found as he had already told them contrary to the report they received that he didn’t buy any generator from the young man.

Brekete Family.

After the futile search, some of his workshop tools were taken to the station and he was also put in police custody and was allegedly accused of buying a stolen generator. After several interrogations, he was beaten and battered to the point that he could barely walk and was later detained in respect to the DPO’s instructions.

It was later agreed that he is granted bail with 4, 000. The accused were charged to court and the culprit confessed to having committed the act and said the accused was innocent of the act because it was the police who made him point Anekwe out. The judge discharged and acquitted.

He proceeded to receive medical treatment and according to him, he vomited blood for 3 months as a result of the manhandling from the Police. He charged the Police to court and the Judge ruled in favor of him and asked the Police to pay him a damage fee of 500, 000 which they are yet to pay.


Okafor Franklin, a footballer who was a former resident in Lagos. He had intentions to get his visa from the Turkish Embassy. On getting there, he met a man who claimed to be a football agent and promised to help him get the visa and there was an agreement to meet at a particular place.

Franklin was later invited by this man to come to Abuja for file submission. He had already charged him a bill of N650, 000 but asked him to pay N250, 000 upfront. They lodged in the hotel and in the same room but the man started to molest Franklin who refused his advances.

As a result of Franklin’s refusal, he decided to abandon and not pick his calls. Franklin on his own had relocated to another hotel and after 10 days, he left for Lagos since what he came for wasn’t successful.

His brother carried out his investigation and was able to nab the accused. After handing him over to SARS, Franklin was told to come to Abuja for his money but unfortunately, the accused had been released without the knowledge of himself and his brother but justice was not given him. It was discovered that the documents given to him were not authentic and the SARS claimed to have got a refund of the money but didn’t release it.


Another victim, Akasi Elomo bought a car in Kano and verified that the car was not stolen. He went around getting whatever was damaged fixed and he went to VIO for recertification. On his way from the mechanic’s shop at night, two men flagged him down and were dressed in mufti and armed with guns.

He was questioned on why he was driving a car without a number plate and he explained that it’s a newly acquired car. He was taken to the SARS office and was asked to write a statement. While he wrote the statement, he was accused of putting down a false tale and was made to write a doctored version of his experience.

He thought that was the end of his ordeal, but he was told to pay N250, 000 so he can be freed. In the long run, the complainant called his uncle who came to bail him with the sum of N300, 000 as requested by these officials after which he was released to go with his car.


The last complainant, Alheri Adamu also explained her ordeal. She is a travel consultant and was called by someone on the need to help with travel document and hotel reservations in France. She did the job successfully and the customer is said to have paid but the payment was retracted.

Alheri said that because of the relationship, she agreed to let her go with the documents and promised to let her know when she receives an alert. She was called by the woman on the same day and she asked Alheri to cancel the insurance but she explained that it wasn’t her decision to take because she is not in charge of issuing Insurance certificates.

According to her, the money has not been paid. When asked what the cost is, she said it is N108, 000. Alheri reported to the Police and the woman was invited, on getting there, she accused Alheri of issuing a fake certificate to her and a verification exercise was run on the certificate which proved its authenticity.

It came to her notice that the Police dismissed the woman and left Alheri in the Police station without getting her money.

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