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A child who is trained gives back to the society the dividend of all he had received during his early and growing years. Also, it is expected of one who is not or one who refused to learn to reap all he has sown.

When you train up a child the right way and put him on the right path he should follow, he would make you proud while putting in mind the things he’s learnt from you.

People will definitely acknowledge your effort but if on the other hand, you have refused to put your child on the right path, he’ll embarrass you and you’ll be blamed for the misfortunes that might eventually troll or befall him.

Every action carries an expected consequence or reaction. In essence, if you expect a positive reaction, your behavior or action should depict such.

Brekete Family.

There was a lengthy discussion on Civilization and its effect on the African culture. It was noted by several experienced people that the African culture has been deposed as a result of modernization.

Before colonization, Africans were known to be truthful and sincere in their dealings with people and they reverenced the beauty of nature. For instance, time telling during those days was done by sighting the sun and its position or by detecting it through the crowing of the cock.

The cock was believed to signify the breaking of the day and it alerts people that the day has begun. Civilization deprived Africans of a sense of belonging because the values were traded for ephemerals.

Brekete Family.

Also, laziness has become an enigma in Africa. Originally, laziness is known to be strange to the African culture.

Before civilization, people were known to wake up at the crowing of the cock to begin the daily activities, while a large number will go to the farm, some will be at home to take of their environment.

Brekete Family.

Africa did not reckon with lazy minds but in recent times, Africa has become an abode of laziness because many people prefer to sit idle without thinking of how best to make use of their time and the energy given to them by God.

Some instead of making ends meet are more concerned with watching television and being up to date on the latest series.

Emmanuel Babayaro.

Emmanuel Babayaro talked about the loss of the African Justice System. According to him, when Africans had a mind of their own, stealing was not heard of as everyone had integrity and was transparent in their dealings.

Nowadays, crimes have become the order of the day and despite the introduction of technological materials that have further compounded issues.

He amongst others suggested that the African Justice System needs to be revived as a move to curb corruption and other vices or menace.

FCCPC Representative; Bridget Etim.

Mrs. Bridget Etim of the FCCPC educated listeners and viewers on the importance of recognizing their rights and speaking up when infringed upon.

According to her, the Central Bank of Nigeria had in 2019 issued a statement as regards ATM and POS charges.

Before the issuance, any withdrawal carried out on a machine that’s not your bank will on the third withdrawal be charged N65 but it was reviewed and reduced to N35 after the third withdrawal.

Meanwhile, any withdrawal from a machine with which you are registered with is free at all times. She advised Nigerians to ensure they adequately monitor their accounts to prevent unnecessary manipulations on the part of banks that will refuse to adhere to the CBN guidelines.

She also mentioned that Nigerians should note that POS charges are not allowed, that is, withdrawing on the POS is considered free and reports should be made to FCCPC if any supermarket or filling station is found guilty of flouting orders.

She stated emphatically that Nigerians should ‘Demand and insist on their rights’.  


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