The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President reemphasized his saying as regards the bright future that lies ahead of Children.

In his usual manner, he described children as leaders of today and the hope of tomorrow contrary to the general perspective that children are the leaders of tomorrow.

Pupils of Supreme Model Academy.

He opines that when children are made to believe and accept themselves as today’s leaders, taking up responsibilities will not be a difficult task for them in the near future.

The moment they recognize the little impact they can create even as children, they’ll be ready to pursue more challenging tasks.

Parents and adults were encouraged to do well as these children look up to them at some points in life where they’ll make crucial decisions; in essence, be a role model that’s worthy of emulation.

Students of Supreme Model Academy.

Pupils and Students of Supreme Model Academy were in the company of their teachers on an excursion to Human Rights Radio so they were opportune to be live on the Brekete family program.

Little Dennis Ogbene.

While introducing themselves, a little boy named Dennis caught the fancy of everyone present in the studio as he shouted the family slogan, ‘hembelembe Olololo’ with confidence and of course members of the Brekete family including the ordinary President gave him money.

The secondary school session also had an amazing presentation where Nigeria was described as sleeping while it should be awake and doing the needful.

The message from the presentation is a challenge thrown at every citizen who is sitting cross-legged and waiting for some sort of miracles to happen especially in the aspect of developments and progress.

Those who are bent on criticizing the government of the country; and are not willing to contribute positively to its growth.

The Proprietor.

The proprietor, Mr. Moses Sunday stated that the purpose of bringing them to the Radio station is a partial fulfillment of the promise he made to their parents.

He intends to give them exposure amongst their peers even though the school is situated in a remote area.

The Ordinary President, who was thrilled at his display of humility and love for the future of these young ones, gave him a Hundred thousand naira and promised to send delegates to the school to check what needs renovation.

He also appealed to the FCT Minister through Dr. Jummai to help check the school out and contribute whatever the ministry deems fit as the proprietor and members of staff are doing just well molding the future of the children.


Salamotu Ishiaku and her sister, Khadija sought the help of the Ordinary President in getting justice for their father who sold seven and a half hectares of land at a somewhat ridiculous amount.

Mrs. Salamotu said her father’s landed property is located in Juwa and that at the time he was selling, he did not inform his children cut consulted a close friend of his who is assumed to have outsmarted the old man into making him sell it off without gains.

Brekete Family.

Years after, the children realized the loss and told their father had been cheated and manipulated so they took it up in order to get justice.

The Ordinary President said the man who bought the land will be appealed to so that he can increase the money. It is unheard of that 7.5 hectares of land was sold at N700, 000.

He also advised them to see the Chief of Juwa; this is so that he can make arrangements to see the person who bought the landed property and the friend who introduced him to their father.

An in-house legal practitioner added that ‘illiterate jurat’ can work in favor of the man if the case is properly handled and presented.


A woman named Abigail Godfrey Yohanna whose husband has been missing for over a year came to the program to share her pains.

According to her, her husband was on an official trip to Gabon with his colleagues who are also police officers and him being an Inspector of Police.  The last time she heard from him was on September 4th, 2018 when they were between Nigeria and Cameroon.

After that, she went to the Force CID to tender a complaint; she was attended to and was told that they’ll look into the matter. But after over a year, she’s yet to see or hear from her husband.

She said the Police gave 60% of her husband’s salary to her. The Ordinary President in his benevolence gave her foodstuff and promised her N20, 000 to fend for her family who is assumed to have been in lack since their father got missing while on official assignment.


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