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Saturdays are special to us because it is a day set apart for brothers and sisters in diaspora. They are privileged to call in during the program and air their views and contribute their quota to National Development.

Akaramakallah encouraged that it is important to pray for those outside the shores of Nigeria because they struggle to survive. It is not fair to assume that they are doing well; many of them have to run two or more jobs to make ends meet.


Linda Plate is a Nigerian who resides in Germany. She asked her brother to get her a plot of land in Sangotedo area of Lagos. He instead got four plots of land in Epe along Badagry in Lagos through a Surveyor named Pastor John without her knowledge.

After three years, she decided to sell the lands as she heard that the cost has appreciated but the moment she called her brother to inform him of her decision, he told her to do that through the Surveyor. From records, the four plots were bought for N800, 000 and the documents were processed for N200, 000.

Since the Surveyor and her brother refused to help her sell the plots of land, she decided to get buyers for herself which was a success. She described the location of the landed property as waterlogged and whosoever would buy it would not build a residential structure but instead convert it for business.  

Suddenly, the Surveyor called that the family the properties were bought from had already sold the land to other people and they had the intention to refund hers and other people’s money and give her N200, 000 interests. But from then till now, she has not received her payment even after sending her account details.

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A lot of people have had to go through unpleasant scenarios dealing with land sales and purchase. Some have been duped and denied access to their landed properties. Like the Lagos style, some have paid ‘omo onile’ and recorded no good from it. Some have even lost their properties to unknown people who disguise to be government officials.

Many people in diaspora have suffered huge losses from entrusting the building of their houses amongst other rampant instances in other people’s hands. The list is inexhaustible but it is important that it comes to a stop.

The government has a big role to play in ensuring that Civil Servants are paid adequately. A good number of people called in on the program to complain of being owed money. Some are owed for as long as a year and more.

The question is, are there no supervisors who are assigned these duties? What exactly do they stand to gain from owing people the wage of their work? These people work tirelessly only to be told stories that touch at the end of the day.

The different Parastatals in government should strive to put the interests of their employees at heart and stop being insensitive to their wants and needs.   

Brekete Family.

Also, an update was received as regards the Suleja Victim whose dead baby’s body was mutilated. It was gathered that he is in Police custody in Minna, Niger State.

His wife was called and she confirmed that he was asked to come over to Minna and after getting there, he was accused of lacking a manner of approach and that afforded the Police an avenue to put him behind bars.

Akaramakallah called DCP Frank Mba who confirmed the incidence but said he was yet to get further information as regards the reason behind the arrest. Though he said according to reports, the hospital got three Doctors to carry out a Post Mortem examination on the corpse but they all concluded that no part of the body was missing.

Brekete Family.

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