It’s a new week and you have been given another opportunity to make amends and correct all the wrongs you made in the last week.

You should also not forget to strive to be effective and be very sure to have a positive outlook and expect even more as you work with the right mindset and result in view. Whatever effort you put in place today being the first working day of the week, you’d definitely reap the result of your hard work.

Brekete Family.

Despite all of the efforts made to gear the Airport authority to improve in provision and delivery of service, they seem to be failing Nigerians as of recent times; there have been quite a number of complaints regarding how passengers were treated wrongly at the airport and even aboard the aircraft.

Alhaja Aminat Ajikobi shared that she was scheduled to board at 10:00 am but didn’t leave until 6 pm later that evening. While speaking, she said the notification for her rescheduled flight today was sent to her this morning.

The federal government has made everything available to ensure that these parastatals function but it’s sad to note that those in charge of these schemes rather channel the resources to another thing.

Another person who experienced poor service delivery at the airport introduced herself as Farida Audu. She boarded Air Peace and was scheduled to leave for Abuja from Lagos at 5:45 pm but to their dismay, boarding started at 7:58 pm; about two hours from the original schedule given.

According to her when everyone had boarded successfully and were seated, she noticed the air in the plane was humid and stuffy so she decided to call the attention of the air hostesses but she didn’t get any positive response from them.

It was more like they were not interested in her complaints. She raised her voice only to realize that every other person on board had the same experience but only preferred to remain quiet.

She claimed to have had a panic attack that made it look like she wouldn’t survive it if the air conditioner was not turned on. Once they noticed she was not going to be quiet, the AC was put on but didn’t circulate.

She urged Nigerians to stop being intimidated by whatsoever; they should always speak up else what they fear will devour them. She wrote a letter to NCAA and made a research on her rights as a passenger; that is, she has a right to an enjoyable and comfortable reception before, during and after the flight and she has the right to seek redress.

The Ordinary President made her and every other person realize that every system in the country is faulty. Instead of paying attention to the right things, there’s a misplacement of priority.

If the air hostesses have approached the matter in a more decent manner, there wouldn’t have been a reason to report on air because they would accept that they have an obligation to carry out as their role implies.

Nigerian leaders are also guilty of this; they’d rather face other unnecessary things than do the needful that will make the citizens happy.


  1. I will like to meet your Legal Department to complain of the injustice we the Retired Staff of NNPC/DPR have been suffering from NNPC management since 25years now. Details will be given when we meet.


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