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There are lots of children out there who desire to do exploits but have not been encouraged by their parents or guardians. It is encouraged that parents advise and develop interest in what makes their children happy.

They should be sources of encouragement to their kids and should not in any way stand in the way of their dreams and success. An instance is given of a little girl who desires to be a chef and was sponsored by her mum to go to a culinary school.

Unfortunately, the mum neither encouraged nor helped with doing the assignment. The instructor at the culinary school noticed a withdrawn child and walked up to address the situation; the little girl explained and shared her story.

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She was then encouraged and the mother was advised thus too. Amazingly, this girl topped the class in the quiz held at the end of the session. Encouragement and support play important roles in children’s dreams and aspirations.

Leaders were also urged to be humble as they cannot be in authority forever. They will have to vacate their positions sometimes later and if they don’t live the period of leadership well, living after might pose to be a really difficult task.

Some of these people depend so much on attached security personnel that they find it comfortable perpetrating wrongs without fear.


Mrs. Joel, a retired Nurse from the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. Until her retirement in 2016, she served for 35 years. Her gratuity has been consistently paid into her account but an unfortunate incident occurred March, 2019.

According to her, she went to Asokoro Hospital for a medical checkup after which she decided to go to the ATM to make withdrawals. She said both her current and savings accounts were merged on that ATM card so she wanted to withdraw from her current account.

Unfortunately, she got duped by someone she assumed intended to help her. She put her card in the machine and it dispensed cash but in a bid to cancel a particular transaction which she found difficult to do, the young man took advantage of the situation and exchanged their cards after seeing her password.

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She went home and to her utmost dismay, she received a series of debit alerts from her savings account which according to her contains her gratuity that she intended to invest.

She called the attention of her children who immediately went to the bank to lodge complaints and it was discovered that the card was changed but the unfortunate thing is that the name on the card has cleaned off.

She reported at the Asokoro Police Station and she was asked to get Statement of Account. The issue now is that the Bank is not taking the case up and is being nonchalant about it.


Mr. Chukwu Pascal also reported that a particular transport company in Utako has refused to pay him an agreed fee. He bought three sienna buses and registered the vehicles as commercial under a transport company and it was agreed that he’ll be given N80, 000 on each vehicle at the end of the month.

This means his total income at the end of the month will be N240, 000. This was consistent until when one of the vehicles was involved in an accident along Lokoja.

Plans were made on how it will be repaired but the owner of the transport company who is based in the United States said he’ll ship in spare parts as those in Nigeria are expensive.

Brekete Family.

An agreement was then reached that Mr. Pascal will be paid N40, 000 until that vehicle is repaired but it wasn’t paid. He retrieved the car and on another occasion, they claimed another one had an accident.

During the investigation, it was discovered that none of the vehicles had an accident but the parts are being removed to fix the company vehicles. He called the owner of the company but he didn’t take his calls because they have even stopped paying him the agreed N80, 000 on each vehicle.

Barrister Giwa wrote to a Police Station in Zone 5 and the Company Manager was invited but the issue was not resolved. He has not received compensation for the damaged vehicles.


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