The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

A lot of people live in abject poverty, not because of their incapacitation or inability to be productive but because many of them find themselves in an environment and in a system that is not encouraging.

When there is hope, there’s a tendency that you would live longer. It is hope that gave Africa a religious identity.

Many people embraced religion because of the state of despair they found themselves and they felt hoping will take all that’s not promising away.  The western world cannot survive without Africa because they rely on Africa to make progress.

Brekete Family.

They produce and Africans consume and so their market strength lies in Africa. But it is said that Africa has few visionary leaders who can chart their course.

The Ordinary President cited examples of African leaders who have impacted the continent like Kwame Nkrumah, Robert Mugabe who stood up for the truth irrespective of the odds presented before them.

The western world has affected Africans in a negative manner in that the ways of life of the western world have been adopted and it’s causing lots of troubles in society. He reminded listeners of the importance of embracing their culture and identity without feeling less amongst others.

Brekete Family.

The system in Nigeria is sickening. How would a man advanced in age be sitting in the corridors of power? What knowledge of modern agriculture does he have? How is he expected to cope with handling his health and governance?

His priorities will be out of place and will not be in tune with what he is expected to do as a public office holder in a country.

The bone of contention is to have people who are exposed, capable and are agile enough to carry out tasks expected of them.

Janet Ejimbi and Moses Agaba expressed gratitude on behalf of their colleagues who are representatives of the deceased ex-staff and pensioners of the Nigerian Airways.

These ones were denied access to their late relatives’ gratuity until the Ordinary President intervened. Mrs. Janet described the Ordinary President as an angel living amongst men.

They presented the matter in June, 2019 and many of them were paid 50% of their entitlement in December after about 15 years of being abandoned. In appreciation, they presented him with an award and affirmed that indeed he is one who lends his voice to the voiceless.  S

he made an appeal to him and asked that he should help a widow who took part in the screening exercise but was disappointed because her husband’s name was omitted.

The Affected Widow.

The Ordinary President promised to follow up on her case during the program tomorrow and he gave her some money.

The entire atmosphere was emotionally charged as the old widow prayed heartfelt prayers for the Ordinary President; a lot of people burst in tears. He also ordered that she is given the sum of N200, 000 to pay her child’s school fees.

Before surgery.

A lady from Akwa Ibom who had a tumor growth on her face was scheduled for surgery.

She came to the studio to express gratitude to the Ordinary President for the good work he is doing and for how he got her connected to surgeons who put her face in shape.

After Surgery…

She recalled her experiences when the growth was to be operated on initially. She appreciated those who stood by her and supported her through the period of surgery undertaken by the West African College of Surgeons.

The Ordinary President said there’s a possibility that she’ll be taken back for a follow-up treatment that’ll enable her to do plastic surgery.


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