The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Training up a child to behave the right way contributes to Nation Development. How does it work? If a child is trained and he deems it fit to uphold all the values and the tenets he has received, he will make a positive impact in a country.

On the other hand, there are people who were trained but chose to go off track of what they were taught and have chosen to take laws in their hands. A saying goes thus, ‘train up a child in the way he should go. But be sure you go that way yourself. This implies that an upbringing should be patterned in an exemplary manner.

Brekete Family.

Every child also has individual and specific roles to play. One of the most important responsibilities is taking care of one’s parents. These people have put a lot into ensuring that you have the best; ranging from going to the best schools to enjoying the best things in a crooked world.

It is important to give back not because someone is compelling you to but because it is required of you. When you take care of your parents, all the blessings attached to doing and committing to that act is released on you and you have reasons to enjoy more because you are simply doing it in appreciation of your parent’s kind gesture.

You have a responsibility to make them look good especially when they are aging and are running out of their youthful looks.

Brekete Family.

It is important to note that you are only complete when you are able to survive every challenge you are faced with especially the human-related ones. It is pertinent to note that you and your parents will not always agree on issues that mean much to you.

Many times, you will disagree and it might cause minor or major fights. During either of these periods, you should try and put into cognizance that your parents mean well for you and will obviously not mislead you.

But equally, note that they are humans and they might approach sensitive issues with their human minds which might lead to friction. Take them for who they are and sensitive issues can be handled the right way if presented properly.


One of the complainants/ whistleblowers from Federal College of Education, Obudu, Atsu Comfort came with updates that she alongside her colleague has been dismissed from work following their trip to Abuja where they reported all the misappropriation of funds and maladministration said to be going on in the institution.

Letter of Dismissal.

She claimed that the letter of dismissal came in after the Minister of Education alleged that she had the gut to report the case to Brekete Family. She said EFCC officials victimized her and asked her to go and reconcile with the school management.

A petition was written against her that she embezzled N5 Million. The Vice Presidential Liaison assured that the case will be reported to the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo who is believed to be a good man and one who is ready to tackle corrupt acts adequately.

The complainant and Her Daughter.

Mrs. Ogar whose car was illegally taken away from her residence and was deliberately impounded returned with joy to announce to the Family that the car has been returned to her and in a good shape.

She expressed her joy in tears. She explained that during the period of the crisis, everyone abandoned her and there were no follow up as regarding the case. The Ordinary President surprised her when he announced that as an expert in Education, she would be in charge of the proposed Brekete Family Adult Education/ Literacy Centre and she will serve as a consultant.

The idea of the Adult Learning Centre is to equip widows and those who do not have formal education. From her words, it is obvious that her joy knew no bounds and her daughter expressed joy and gratitude to the ordinary president for coming to their rescue when the going was tough.

The NFF whistleblowers continued the process of unveiling the corruption going on in the organization. In the letter written to President Muhammadu Buhari, item number 6 states that a petition was written on 24th April, 2019 and was tagged ‘Monumental Stealing and Financial Crisis in the Nigeria Football Federation.

Alhaji Gara-Gombe said that it is expected that the legislators speak up against all these happenings but they seem to be nonchalant about it.  They seem to be enjoying the view and they sure are busy feeding their pockets. They need to realize that they should be at the forefront of fighting corruption.

Alhaji Ahmed Gara Gombe.

Tunde Aderibigbe said about a month ago, a Senator called and asked that the case is settled. A member of the House of Representatives also requested that the documents are sent to him so that the house can sit on the issue and discuss.

Two weeks later, the case was dismissed by the Speaker House of Representatives. Alhaji Gombe mentioned that there is a court order restraining Amaju Pinnick from parading himself as NFF President but he has failed to adhere to it.


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