Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Every individual is a beneficiary of God’s immense and overwhelming love. He loves the human race so well that he deemed it fit for humans to make a choice; that is human beings have options to choose from, they can choose to be good or bad, choose to live well or be subjected to penury.

Any result you produce today or in the future stems from the one decision you took times back. For instance, if a man produces amazing results, it is evident that he made excellent choices which are inclusive of the many challenges he faced and overcame.

On the other hand, anyone whose results are not something to boast about must have taken unwise decisions. Either way, there’s a result from both experiences. Thus you are encouraged to choose wisely so that you would not have results that are regrettable in the future.

Madam Nnenna Akajemele

Madam Nnenna Akajemele announced the 110th presence of SERVICOM officials in the Brekete Family Program. The issue discussed today was centered on Communication strategies.

The spokesperson, Lady Henrietta briefed listeners and viewers on the strategies packaged by SERVICOM as the mandate is to enlighten citizens of their rights to great service delivery.

One of the strategies is the use of social media as a platform to complain of poor service and give possible suggestions on how it can be improved. She stated that at the moment, all SERVICOM social handles are functional and interactive so that Nigerians will be provided with services worth what they paid for.

The platform is designed to engage citizens and strengthen the synergy between SERVICOM and members of the public. The use of bulk SMS will be effective in disseminating news and necessary information.

Lady Henrietta

The use of conventional media has been put in place; for instance, Brekete Family has provided opportunities for SERVICOM to be known and recognized thus providing the citizens with effective delivery.

She also encouraged MDAs to provide amazing service and not be scared to make amends when corrected or criticized over the poor service provided by them. She further urged them to honor every invitation given to them by SERVICOM to get to recognize the customer’s needs.

She mentioned that the body seeks to produce jingles in various languages that will educate citizens on their rights. She encouraged every citizen to take advantage of the website and the social media handles; website- www.servicom.org.ng, Facebook- servicom Ng, Instagram- servicom_officialpage, and twitter- @servicomoffice, email address- info@servicom.gov.ng. Phone number: 08106419581.


Mr. Solomon Saki from Taraba state spoke on behalf of five others who were unduly dismissed from the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo in 2006. He said after they were sacked, they still received alerts but were not given access to their monies.

In other words, the Federal Government is not aware of their dismissal and the money is being used by people.

The matter was taken to court but the management of the Hospital has refused to release either their salaries or the entitlement due to them after their years of service.

Brekete Family.

A caller from Deidei who recognized himself as Monday Hamzat complained of being arrested by officers of the Nigerian Police force yesterday. According to him, his daughter who is a teenager has been sexually active and the man with whom she is involved with helped in carrying out an abortion.

He raised an alarm so that the boy will stop that act but the mother of the boy was the one who ordered his arrest and according to him, about 7 armed officers got in him in a van and took him to the police station.

Akaramakallah encouraged him to write a complaint letter to the ordinary president and swear an affidavit in court that will qualify him to present his case in the studio.


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