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You should not discomfort your relations in the diaspora. These ones strive every day to make ends meet; some of them have to work two or more jobs just to live comfortably.

You should invest even in Nigeria and you can at the end of the day support them. You’ll help them to also invest so that they have something to fall back on after working hard so that they don’t need to rely on anyone at their return.

Brekete Family.

You might even decide to help your relatives in the diaspora to set up their businesses which could include exporting food products that are difficult to find abroad.

This act will encourage them and not only will they benefit, but you will also benefit greatly too. But on the general note, whenever they deem it fit to help, be sure to utilize it properly so you don’t end up being a liability.

Brekete Family.

As the governed in a country, you should also work hard to contribute to the nation’s growth.  Your little contribution will encourage other people to play their part and before you know it, value is being added to the country.

Strive so hard that you’ll not have to depend on the government before you live. Take advantage of little opportunities as it is something God will bless.

Brekete Family.

A caller reported that a woman from Okigwe came to Abuja in tears that her husband maltreats her and at the moment he has sent her packing. Throughout the 10 years of marriage, she was never allowed outdoors except when she needs to go to the market.

The man’s previous marriages did not last due to his way of maltreating. She was not permitted to attend her father’s birthday party but she went on her own. By the time she returned, he had thrown her things out.

At the moment, the husband got his mother-in-law arrested with claims that she got his wife and children kidnapped. She is 68 and presently in Police custody and the man is not ready to release her.


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