The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

Every successful business leader has a strong sense of self-belief. It’s a precursor to success, no matter it, it’s the foundation of confidence, but let’s try to define it, anyway. Belief is the full acceptance and trust in something, self-belief is when you trust yourself and be proactive in whatever you are doing so as to achieve the best in life.

Our Ramadan guest which are the representatives of Abuja Muslim Forum was duly represented in today’s Brekete Family program. And the Brekete Academy resource persons was introduced and they all made presentations.

The Brekete Family

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah later took over the program and he hammered it into everybody’s ear that the rate at which the hoodlums are terrorising the public are very worrisome and everybody should be very careful and report any case of criminalises in their area.

The Brekete Academy

He also reiterate the fact that old tradition that affect the widows and enforce on them by their husband’s family not to remarry should be totally abolished because it is a source of trauma for any woman that is single and denied the opportunity to marry any man that proposed to her.

The Widow

Some widow in the Brekete Family later share their individual experiences in the hand of their late husband’s family, it was so pathetic that the Ordinary President suggested that an association should be formed that will resist such in the society.


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