The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Monday is here again and it’s a day that terrifies a lazy man. The thought of the beginning of the week scares him to death that he wishes for it to pass so fast. A lazy man has no agenda or plan ahead, all that crosses his mind is the fears he has about Monday. Put effort into whatever your hands find to do.

It is very possible that things do not work out immediately but when there is consistency in the application of effort, it takes a new turn and becomes a success. A story was told of a writer whose works were not recognized until a particular day, a playwright and movie director suggested that the book be translated into a movie.

The book is a trilogy, that is, it is a set of three works of art that are connected and can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. He agreed and today, the movie is one of the most viewed and most sought after.

Brekete Family.

Giving up is not what qualifies one as an achiever but perseverance does. No matter how long the ideas take to come to fruition, never give up on the big dreams; it needs to be pursued.

The Ordinary President was received warmly and he commended everyone for being a part of the good work. According to him, everyone has a purpose to fulfill in life. A lot of times, what works for A might not work for B because of the different reasons for existence.

You might have been doing the same thing with the same method in a particular place without positive results; one of the things to put into consideration is a change of environment where new opportunities can be explored.

If you have patience and wisdom, you’ll be able to do beyond what you can imagine. He carefully pointed out areas where Nigeria is portrayed as backward and the causes of backwardness.

Brekete Family.

First, he addressed the marriage institution, the abuse and what the law seeks to achieve. He advised that women should be treated with honor, dignity and respect. Many men marry women and abuse them, that is, they marry them and turn them to beasts of burden while they lazy around and the wife assumes the responsibility of the breadwinner.

Parents should be careful not to give their daughters out in marriage out of desperation without careful verification of who the husband to be is. Do not sell your respect to your in-laws; put people in their rights places.

Don’t be fooled by a cool face. When there are cases of infidelity or other crimes, the law should take its just course and sentence appropriately. The cheaper the cost, the more it escalates.

For instance, a man is tried for being an infidel and after looking into the matter, he is charged N2, 000 he would still go back to commit the same offense he was initially charged because the punishment has no effect on him.

If he gets threatened with fine worth millions of naira or he gets an option of serving up to 9 years in jail, he would adjust and never dare to treat a woman anyhow.


On the Suleja General Hospital case, the wife of the Complainant and mother of the late mutilated baby was in the studio where she explained that her husband had been in Police detention since Friday. The issue is taking a different toll.

The Ordinary President is not silent on this as he has given the officers of the Police Force till tomorrow else, if nothing is done; the court will take it up. Niger State according to Ordinary Ahmad Isah is a state in need of restructuring in every area and he referred to it as a ‘rural state’.

SP Salisu Agaisa spoke in defense of the Police Force and the body he is representing that they are doing everything possible to bring the culprit(s) to order. The Ordinary President expressed anger over the way the Police is handling the issue but they are taking it with levity and it looks like they have compromised.

They are supposed to carry out a thorough investigation but they are allowing some Doctors to carry out post mortem examination in the absence of the parents of the deceased child. He said the Brekete Family will take over the investigation to support the Police and make justice available for the victims.

Brekete Family.

Amongst other issues, corruption with regards to mismanagement of funds and as a menace was discussed at length. The Ordinary President said that he hopes that things will become better and that the present government will take up the challenge to do something worthwhile.

The Economy is nose-diving but he reminded everyone that ‘nothing lasts forever’ and that the present government’s atrocities will never be hidden unless they address it quickly.

How will a person who did not go to school be on regular payroll as a retired civil servant? The purpose of pensions has been altered and totally abused; the body organizes verification without recording anything worthwhile from it thus leaving the old men and women to languish in poverty.

Pensions should be convenient for these people and should not be a process that’s futile because these ones are subjected to different forms of humiliation.

Nigeria Sports Heroes.

One other area of Nigeria’s backward development is in Sports. Initially, Nigeria was an unrecognized country until it’s involvement in sporting activities; from local to international levels. That is, Sports put Nigeria in the spotlight.  

The sad part of the recent development is that those who have put in their efforts into seeing that Nigeria becomes a recognized nation and have done very well to win trophies are now treated with disdain and are no longer reckoned with especially in the seat of honor.

Nigeria like other Countries should be responsible for taking care of its citizens’ wellbeing especially those who represented and brought it honor. Many of these sportsmen and women are no longer fit for anything and their health is deteriorating but what role is the government playing to ensure they have the honor they deserve.

Some have died without being celebrated; Rasheed Yekini is an example of those whose health was unattended to until he died. Another thing of concern is the Life ban issued to a recognized Nigerian, Samson Siasia over alleged bribery and match-fixing.

The Ordinary President said that Samson Siasia’s trial should be opened and not be hidden. This is to prove Nigerian’s love and support to Samson. Sport is a unifying factor in Nigeria because it goes beyond the tribal and cultural differences in Nigeria.

President of NANF, Mr. Harrison Jalla.

The Brekete family program hosted four amongst other people who made Nigeria proud in the Sports Industry. Despite their struggles, they have not been recognized or honored by the Nigerian government. All they have been getting are empty promises.

The four representatives namely; Harrison Jalla, the President of National footballers of Nigerian Footballers and one who has been advocating the rights of footballers for 27 years, Coach James Peters; a National and International coach who has taken part in training every football team in the country, Oyetunde Aderibigbe; a footballer, sports editor, a football administrator of the Nigerian Football Federation and Assistant Secretary for 12 years, Emmanuel Babayaro; a one-time Goalkeeper; are in the studio to reveal the various corrupt practices indulged in by NFF as a football body in Nigeria.

The Ordinary President and everyone in the studio was excited having them around and looking forward to unraveling issues of National concern so that things can be what they should be normally. And these ones will get all the recognition and honor that’s rightfully theirs.


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