The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Humility is one of the most important tools needed by everyone to be successful. A good leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes. When a man is in authority, he should be open to criticism because it is the governed that will see the loopholes.

In other words, when he is being corrected, he should admit it and work on it. Humility is not meant for leaders alone, every individual needs it, and it is a driving force to success.

Nigeria is a blessed nation and would only work better when selfish officials do not succeed with their plot to suffocate the country of all the beautiful resources God blessed her with.

Brekete Family.

In order to achieve this, Nigerians need to come to the realization that the country belongs to everybody and not only to those who enjoy wealth. Citizens should be firm in taking decisions and should work together to ensure that the recycling taking place in Nigeria’s System of Government is brought to a halt.

Everyone has a right to lead and be led. Everyone has a quota to contribute to national development and no one should be denied the opportunity to enjoy his fundamental rights as a citizen.


The Ordinary President as of yesterday sent some people to the Police Headquarters so they can process their late father’s gratuity. The son, Bulus Peter who doubles as the next of kin went in company of his aged mother and Mary Job, his sister.

Mary said on getting to the headquarters, an officer asked why they would report the issue to the Brekete Family. They were also told that since their father passed on in 2007, the Force in 2017 gave out death benefits or gratuity to the families of other people who lost their lives in the same accident.

After all that was said, the family was not given a particular date to return to complete the process.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President frowned greatly at the outcome of this visit because it doesn’t seem fair at all. Asides from their plight, one should not take away the fact that the families who were fortunate to get theirs accessed it after 10 solid years.

Now the question is, how pleasant is it to be denied what’s by right yours? That’s exactly what happens in the different offices, departments, and parastatals in Nigeria. Processing death benefits is like getting a visa to travel out and it looks like the process for getting a visa is easier.

The government should consider enforcing a law that would benefit the masses and would not leave the families of deceased persons to a fate. Death is a price everyone will pay. It is them now and it could be you at any time.


In 2014, Emmanuel Wanleji who was in the Military at that time was on his way to Maiduguri with his colleagues to carry out an official assignment. They had a stopover in Makurdi due to the Fulani Crises that was said to be going on then.

After their work in Makurdi, they were camped and according to him, his wife was ill and he wasn’t allowed to see. He surrendered his rifle to his colleague and left the camp to take her for treatment. On his return, his commandant detained him for 23 days.

The troop was later discharged to Maiduguri and he was not paid for four months. He presented the case but it was not attended as it seems to be intentional. He was dismissed from service and was charged a case of Mutiny which most likely will be accompanied by a death penalty.

He was later granted Presidential pardon in 2015 when President Buhari assumed office. From the description of his active years in service, it is deduced that he was very gallant and he did his job well. He said he won three international medals for Nigeria and several within the country.

A Representative of the Ethnic Coalition.

The NFF story took another turn as representatives of Ethnic Coalition which comprises the youth wing of the various tribes in Nigeria. They said they came to settle the misunderstanding going on between the complainants and NFF officials.

The representatives include Comrades Agbas, Eric Oluwole and Mohammed Danladi representing youths from Itsekiri, Yoruba land, and the Arewa community respectively. According to them, the case at hand is not that of corruption but is just a mere crisis that can be settled amicably.

Mohammed Danladi made reference to the meeting they had with the complainant that also had in attendance, the accused, Amaju Pinnick whose name has been repeatedly mentioned since when the unveiling began.

When asked if they are a qualified mediator, Mohammed responded thus, ‘we are a recognized youth group’. The thought of so many people is that being a youth should give them more reasons to fight for their rights instead of contributing to the corrupt acts.


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