The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The way and manner in which a child is brought up determine how well or worse he’ll turn out to be. A child that’s properly brought up will live life not only to impress people but he lives it to be fulfilled and make an imprint on the sands of time. 

The Ordinary President compared the upbringing of a child to a bed that’s laid and prepared to be slept on. Like the popular saying, ‘as you lay your bed, so you lie on it’, he opined that you would either enjoy or languish in pain as a result of whatever you make out of your child(ren) or ward(s).

You have a duty to fulfill as regards the training the children and helping to secure their future. If the background of those involved in banditry or kidnapping is traced, a lot of truth regarding their upbringing will be unveiled.

Brekete Family.

You as a parent should deem it fit to live a life worthy of emulation. You should live a life that would set a livable and credible example for them to follow.

If you as a parent do not live well, you should barely expect your children to give you a great result that you have never deemed fit to present. For instance, if you are a drunkard and your child has grown up seeing you that way, it’ll only take an intervention to get him off the track you have unconsciously put him on.

On the other hand, if your child has known you to be genuine and intentional about everything you do with the intention of creating amazing results, you would not have to beg him to be good because already, you have put him on the track you want him to tread. He’ll definitely make you proud because he did well to follow in your footsteps.

Brekete Family.

Whatever weapon you commit into the hands of your children is what they’ll wield at you as time goes on and as they get to experience life in its entirety. You are therefore encouraged to plant the seeds of love for humanity in their hearts because as they grow, it grows with them to become a part of their existence.

Lately, it has been discovered that many children grow up being inhumane and not willing to be compassionate towards people they encounter and it’s not surprising the outrageous number of criminal activities evading the Nation.

While some lost their innocence as a result of negative life experiences, some others never grew up to realize the need to love and they never dared to have a second thought on it.

Brekete Family.

According to the Ordinary President, ‘some animals are more humane than a number of human beings while some humans are more animal-like than animals themselves’.

Furthermore, this seems to be the most important but the most neglected by most parents; you should encourage your children to know their God, embrace his rules and learn to live the way he wants them to live.

Remind them always that ‘the end time is near’ and there’s a need for them to always carry out a check on their lives to enable them to remain on the right path.

The mode of dressing should not be left out; you should help children to realize that their bodies are their precious possessions that should not be disrespected by unauthorized persons. Teach them to value themselves.

PCC Representatives

The representatives of the Public Complaints Commission were in the studio to take complaints relating to administration injustices in public offices.

Some of the complainants were unduly dismissed from their places of work including the Nigeria Police Force, Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal Road Safety Corps, and the Nigerian Army amongst others.

Mrs. Aina Adeniyi, a dismissed Police Officer was alleged to have tortured a suspect wherein she said she was innocent but was dismissed. According to her, herself and four others’ appointments were terminated whilst the person who took part in the torturing was demoted and nor dismissed.

Some of the Complainants.

Dr. Femi Balogun, a former Deputy Rector at the Auchi Polytechnic was unlawfully dismissed having been alleged to have stolen a T.V set after he was relieved of his appointment as Deputy Rector.

Asides from that, he was deprived of any access to his house as people were sent to destroy his properties. Mr. Emma Ugbuaja, Madam Edna Edopa, and Barrister Ewah promised to look adequately into the issues at hand and get justice for the affected ones where need be.

Sad to note is the fact that many of the affected persons are force officials; that is, they worked in uniform related offices. These advocates said the cases will be attended to judiciously and the injustice will be brought to an end.

Brekete Family.

A caller identified as Wilson from Doha, Qatar sought the Ordinary President’s assistance in helping him get justice in the country where he is at the moment. He had issues with a citizen and his business enterprise (a restaurant) was closed and it looks more like his life is being threatened.

He said he works as a Civil Engineer in the country and decided to start the restaurant business. When he started, his business boomed but jealousy rose from the citizen who was working with him.

He(the citizen) connived with the landlord of the building being used to cancel the contract which eventually led to them closing the restaurant for about 14 months.

Every effort to get the Nigerian Embassy in Qatar to help has not yielded any positive results. The Ordinary President sympathized with him and promised to report to the necessary authorities that’ll handle his case and get justice for him.


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