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Today’s program featured the SERVICOM Helpdesk and Legal Aid Council.

The Founder of Brekete Family, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah started today’s program on a very high note and he maintains his key as he talks about the attitude of some Nigerians, his loyalty as a patriotic citizen of this country and his innocence from what some people think he is.
“Based on my own personal research, i have found out that majority of Nigerians are very good at criticizing, condemning, attacking and not seeing anything positive from the other side, this is a negative energy and if you carry negative energy in you and on you for a very long time it will become part of you. Anything you do for a very long time will become part of you and it becomes a life style, it takes a real self discipline to change such”; The ordinary President gives advise.

The ordinary President

A Facebook Kangaroo accused me of being sponsored by the Federal Government, although i am not anti-government at the same time i’m not collecting a dime from the government neither am i being sponsored, I’m only doing my part as a patriotic citizen of this country.” said The Ordinary President as he disclaims some wrong accusations.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah talks about a classified information he got which concerns the presidency and the steps he will take to disseminate the information.

The ordinary president revisited the case of the Delta State University student and promises her justice

Hilarious moment when the Ordinary President calls out Akaramakallah The white lion and everyone reacted.

Legal Aid Council representatives talk extensively about their relationship with Brekete Family, their mission, their vision, how anyone can reach their portal and what the people of Nigeria should be expecting from them.

Autonomous communities in the eastern part of Nigeria is becoming too much, as a result, everyone is striving to become a leader which is affecting our unity as a community.

The case of the elder who was allegedly duped was mentioned and he was later handed over to Legal Aid Council.

The case of the young man who thought he was bewitched, a small boy who is a child of a native doctor told me he has my picture in their house and since then i’ve not been feeling normal, he said.

The case of a Chinese woman whose Nigerian husband was used as a bait to pay ransom to some kidnappers and then arrested and detained by the police, she narrated her story emotionally and demands justice for her husband.


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