The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The program took a new dimension owning to the fear of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; instead of staying inside the studio, the program was transmitted outside. This was to make sure that those who are outside would have access to the program and be a part of it.


Mrs. Rachel whose children sustained severe injuries as a result of a fire outbreak in their home also gave an update regarding her daughter’s surgery.

The accident occurred in Anambra state; she wanted to light her kerosene lamp and decided to fill it with kerosene. Unknown to her, the kerosene is adulterated and it eventually caught fire and inflicted severe injuries on her children.

Little Miracle.

She came in the company of her husband last November where the family was told to go to Sokoto for treatment. On getting to Sokoto, they were asked to return in January.

She added that ever since they got back from Sokoto her husband has been mistreating the children and misbehaving at home. He even took the money meant for transport and didn’t bother about the family’s wellbeing.

The first surgery has been done though and they are expected to return to the hospital after 3 months for further treatment.

The Ordinary President implored her to reconcile with her husband; he asked her to check herself to be sure she’s not at fault. The children need them together as this is a crucial time in their lives.  


Christiana Sule, a complainant said her father who was a Police Officer died in 2006 and up to date, the family has not received his gratuity.

When the Ordinary President requested to know who the next of kin is, she said, her name use to be there until some of the relatives devised a means to manipulate it.

The Ordinary President scheduled a meeting with the Force PRO so that she can get justice and access her late father’s entitlement.


  1. More grace my darling brekete family. Much love for you**
    I know some day I will be there too, to support by God’s Grace. Amen.



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