The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah and Complete Package.

The Ordinary president reiterated on the importance of preparing a child for possible expectations. In his words, he said ‘prepare your children for the bad road and not the bad road for the children’.

The whole idea behind these sayings is that many times, parents only reveal the exciting part of life to their children without giving them a peek into the odd sides of life. When the odd side is revealed to them, it prepares them for their own experiences.

It doesn’t mean that they will have the same experiences as their parents but when they see what it is like to overcome the different obstacles, they are challenged to do better when theirs come.


The Presidential Amnesty Program issue was revisited with the Special Assistant (Media) to Prof. Charles Dokubo; Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty Program, in attendance. Mr. Mcwary was asked to give a recap of the story which he did.

When Mr. Murphy Ganagana, the SA was asked to give his side of the story, he described the case as conscientious and said that the case at the moment is before the Maitama High Court and that he won’t be able to divulge any information. He further explained that PAP does not give a contract for Beauty Pageant as claimed by Mr. Mcwary on behalf of his sister, Tracy.

Contrary to Mr. Murphy’s claim that the case is being handled by a Federal High Court, Maitama, Mr. Mcwary said the case is being tried at the Jabi High Court. The Ordinary President then asked that he forwards evidence backing up his statement of the court’s involvement which he promised to send despite his busy schedule.

The IG Liaison said since he recognized that the complainant leveled allegations against the Nigeria Police, he had taken steps to see CP Bala Ciroma who claimed to have been involved in the matter before it was handed over to the DIG.

Mr. Murphy Ganagana

The accused is currently serving a jail term at the Suleja Prisons with her 7 months old baby. On hearing this, the Ordinary President was infuriated as to why a baby will be put in prison alongside the mother. He moved the motion to involve the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Office of the Vice President because according to him, the Brekete Family is in partnership with the Vice president’s Chamber.

He further appealed to the Presidential Liaison to present the case adequately so that it can be attended to as soon as possible not only for justice to prevail but so that the baby can leave prison soon to live a normal life because the baby’s right has been infringed on.  

He implored the Presidency to carry out a thorough investigation on the Amnesty Office and everyone working there, the Complainant and any other person who is involved in the deal including the Police.

Speculations were raised as to how the money came into her account that resulted in her being trailed and threatened which eventually landed her in jail.

The ordinary President lamented on how unfair poor inmates are treated as against how the rich ones are. The rich ones are only limited because they are not in their homes but they are treated to the good things of life despite being in jail.

Mr. Tijani Abdulkareem.

Mr. Tijani Abdulkareem is the Executive Project Director of the Socio-Economic Research and Development Centre (SERDEC) and Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health (PACFaH) @ scale.

PACFaH @ scale is a partnership between the civil society organizations which comes together to discuss child and maternal health; issues relating to immunization, child health, child nutrition, and family planning amongst other things.

According to him, health is human rights-related and it should be discussed often. Since the National Assembly promised to pass the 2020 budget on the 28th of November, it is expected that the health sector is given adequate consideration.

The government should invest greatly in health because a lot of lives are lost daily as a result of poor medical facilities and not many people are buoyant enough to seek proper medical help outside Nigeria.

Are Nigerians supposed to travel to other countries for treatment? Is the Government financially incapacitated that it cannot contribute to building standard health facilities? Ordinarily, the federal government’s budget on health is just 4.14% from the general budget, which is N19 on every Nigerian per month.

In the real sense of it, N19 is ridiculously low and will not cover one over ten of what an average Nigerian spends on his health monthly. In fact, a sachet of Paracetamol tablet costs more than N19.

The above-named organization seeks to appeal to the National Assembly on behalf of Nigerians so that there will be a timely and a total release of the said budgeted fund and that the NA should reconsider the amount it is putting up for health because health should be valued and without health, activities suffer.

In other words, there should be adequate funding for the health budget and the health sector should be prioritized.  Mr. Tijani also advocated that whatever has been budgeted or is going to be budgeted should be realistic and be benefitting to the masses.

He advised Nigerians to also exercise their civil responsibilities and speak up on the dangers the governed are exposed to and the inadequacies on the part of the government.

Madam Nnenna Akajemele.

Madam Nnenna of SERVICOM appreciated the Brekete Family and said today makes it the 98th appearance of SERVICOM in the Reality Talk Show. She discussed the importance of adequate or excellent service delivery. She is of the opinion that when service is not delivered as expected, it leads to corruption.

In other words, to curb corruption, there is a need for improvement in service delivery and this includes leaders in different Government Parastatals. She mentioned that human waste disposal facilities (toilets) should be cleaned always because it creates a lasting impression on getting to an organization and the satisfaction won’t be there.

It is one of the reception experiences recorded by service receivers. When a toilet is not clean, it sure has its implication on the health of individuals and it is important to fix any damaged toilet. The Ordinary President appealed to the government to construct public toilets that will serve its purpose.

NFF Complainants.

Emmanuel Babayaro after introducing himself said that there is corruption in the football house. According to him, Nigerian footballers are losing out on matches in recent times because they are not adequately taken care of and whatever is given for their welfare is most times diverted for selfish interest.

Emmanuel explained that there are a lot of people who would love to be footballers but many of them have instead gotten entangled with criminal activities. He cited an instance of a particular boy his football academy trained who was formerly known and recognized for his notorious acts.

The boy had earlier enrolled but was rejected due to his limited football skills. As usual, he got his other gang members and robbed people of their belongings. As fate would have it, he recognized a student from the academy who almost fell victim to his gang’s escapades but the latter was fortunate because the gangster recognized him and ordered his release.

Tunde Aderibigbe.

He was later recruited into the academy and he is better and is no longer involved in criminal activities.

Tunde Aderibigbe expounded on the reason for their presence in the studio, just like Emmanuel said, the Football Association in Nigeria is corrupt and it is affecting the running of activities.

Tunde works for Nigerian Football Federation and was the Assistant Secretary for 12 years who took minutes of meetings and obviously has evidences to back up the several claims. According to him, the Former Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalong was the forerunner of this struggle as he had written a petition to EFCC in 2016.

Misappropriation of funds is not a new thing in Nigeria but it is just amazing how far it has gone to eat deep into the different sectors in the Nation. On 16th November, 2015, FIFA wrote an audit query to NFF on the manner in which 2.5 million dollars was spent. Surprisingly, according to claims, nobody knew about the money until the query arrived.

The money which is an accumulation of funds was meant for football development at grassroots, sports equipment, and referee development. This amongst other claims proves that Nigeria needs a restructuring in its different sectors. Other issues as regards corruption were discussed and would be continued tomorrow.


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