The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

It is the first day of the New Year and as exciting as it sounds, a lot of people are still not prepared for the task ahead in 2020. The Ordinary President in his sermon encouraged people to remain focused on whatever situation they find themselves.

It is true that life is not a bed of roses because many people or virtually every human being has different challenges they are nursing and striving to put to an end. Some people’s own are not visible while others’ are loud and clear for everyone around to see.

No matter what you are faced with at the moment, you should remember that there is a God who created and put you on earth for a purpose. He wants you to trust and believe that He’s got everything sorted out already so He wants you to fix your gaze on Him alone.

Brekete Family.

Challenges vary and are of different types; some suffer financially, spiritually and in other cases are faced with health challenges. Some of the trials we are faced with are ordained by God because he’s got lessons He would want individuals to learn from the single experience.

In life, if we don’t go through trials, we’ll not learn to appreciate God better. The New Year is here already and a lot of deaths have been recorded even before the previous year ended.

It is not because those who are alive are better than those who are dead but because, every living being has a period of existence on earth; that is, once it is time to go back to one’s creator, nothing whatsoever can stop it. God has been faithful and the circumstances we are faced with do not change Him from being a good God.

Brekete Family.

As the New Year dawns on us already, it is important that nothing is taken for granted. If you take your health, finance, job and whatever is paramount to your existence, you’d end up being at a loss and recovering might cost you a lot of pains.

You should strive during the course of the year to guide your life jealously. Do not resolve to fate. Think of where your heart desires to be and trust God with the process of making it happen for you.

Once God blesses you, you should be humane and treat people with kindness. Not only humans but let everything around you benefit from the goodness you enjoy.

One of the amazing features for the day is that it is the Ordinary President’s birthday. Not many people were aware until Dr. Jumai called in during the program to pray for him. Many callers showered prayers on him.

Another thing is that, he permitted everyone in the studio to introduce themselves and send New Year greetings to the three most important people around them. Some used the opportunity to state the purpose for which they came.


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