The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah began by encouraging Brekete Family to derive joy in whatever profession they are doing for that is only way they can reach their full potential.” I was a bus driver and I deed it so well that when I eventually leave the job my impact was felt, he said”. He further encourage people to learn skills that will make them independent and to shun begging as a profession that has become the order of the day as practiced in some quota of the country.

The Brekete Family

A woman brought a case to Brekete Family on how she was flogged by a magistrate till she was comatose for failing to talk when the magistrate asked her to, she explained that she was drag from the police station to court after staying there for three days without food. The magistrate ordered that she should be taken to prison. The ordinary president  charged the public complain commission and IG liaisons to ensured that justice is done.

The Brekete Family

A cross section of beneficiaries of  Brekete Academy came to the studio to thank the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah  for changing their lives via the academy.

A Student from Brekete Academy

      Mallam shaibu from kaduna who is having prostrate abnormality that is making micturition impossible unless with the aid of a catheter connected to his urethra before he can urinate. He said he has gone for a  test and the hospital demanded for some amount of money before he can be operated upon. The Ordinary President begged all well-meaning Nigerians to contribute to save the life of this elder; on his part he made a donation of an amount of money.

A Complainant

The ordinary president sent a note of warning to the entire public that Brekete Family has a copyright and everyone should desist from using the brand and that whosoever involves in that will surely be brought to book, and also advise everyone that will participate in the forth coming Muslim fasting to be conscious of their health status before going through the process.

The Brekete Family

A lot of case was treated which involves a strong allegation against an agent of Middlesex University here in Nigeria.


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