The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The high rate of ritual is alarming in Nigeria especially those involving and indicting Religious leaders. It is somewhat shameful to know that some of those who claim to be called into ministry are not.

They become ‘called’ in a bid to extort innocent believers of their hard-earned money all in the name of miracles. Well, at the moment in Nigeria, a similar case is on in the city of Akure.

A renowned Prophet is alleged to have been instrumental to the kidnap of a one-year-old boy and is said to have buried him on the altar. In reaction, angry youths set the church on fire.


As if that is not enough bad news, a physically challenged woman named Matthew Ruth was present during the Brekete Family Program where she shared her experience. She is 32 years old and is from Edo state. She is a mother to four boys.

According to her, she attended a church in Warri named Mercy City presided by Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin because she has been experiencing loss in her business. She said a lot of times after she sells her goods, she would discover that her money disappeared.

The Tag.

After several experiences, her 13-year-old boy advised her to go to the church after watching on TV the several miracles displayed by the man of God. On getting there, she was asked to pay a consultation fee of N18, 000, tag fee of N3, 500 and Mountain T-shirt for N4, 000.

After making all the payments, she could not see Prophet Jeremiah until about two weeks after the first visit. She stated that on the day she met him, he was with his protocol officers and he asked if she was the one who gave birth to all the four boys, she answered in the affirmative.

The Missing Child.
The Other Children.

He then told her that the last one will be a great man of God of which she answered amen to his prayer. When she got ready to go home, she realized that her son, the youngest was missing. She raised an alarm and everyone swung into action.

As the search was on, the prophet ordered that she is sent out of the vicinity and she was accused of sending the boy to buy noodles. She reported to the DPO who told her that if luck shined on her, she would get her son back because similar cases have been reported and dismissed at the same time.

The DPO was said to have called the Prophet and warned him against using innocent children for ritual purposes. He further asked what gut he had to even kidnap the child of a physically challenged woman. She said the child has been missing for over 5 months and he is 3 years old.  

Akaramakallah and the deceased’s Twin.

The Brekete family taxi, a subsidiary of the Brekete Family has done immeasurably well by locating the relative of a late investor. Hassanat Abu applied to own a cab but did not live to enjoy the gains.

Akaramakallah who supervises the scheme narrated that he lost contact with her and traced her to the office address she registered but on getting there and to his shock, he was told that she passed on. In a bid to protect the Family’s good name, he requested to be linked to any member of her family.

Fortunately, he met her twin brother, Abu AlHassan. AlHassan explained that his sister has been his backbone and she had always been there for him up till the time of her death. He said she was gruesomely murdered by unknown people.

The Ordinary President with the support of the Brekete Family members transferred ownership to him since she did not have children or even a spouse until her death. The taxi business will continue and payment will be made into his account.  


Tracy Mcwary whose brother reported that she was illegally put in prison by some government officials with her 8 months old baby for not compromising in carrying out her project has been released.

While sharing her experience and circumstances that led to her imprisonment, she mentioned that Professor Charles Dokubo threatened to kill her and keep her in his house if she did not comply with their instructions.

She was asked to divert the money meant for the Presidential Amnesty Program to personal use and not carry out the project. She involved CP Bala Ciroma who was extremely modest in handling it but when Margaret Humphrey realized that they would be at a loss, she asked that the case is transferred.

Tracy was eventually released after the Brekete Family intervened but the case is not out of court yet. It is believed that justice will be hers.

Against the claims of the Ethnic Coalition representatives of not being in support of the corruption going on in NFF, it was discovered that souvenirs were printed in Amaju Pinnick’s name by Muhammed Salihu Danlami, speaker of the Arewa Youth Association.

On another note, Tunde Aderibigbe exposed Eric Oluwole. He said the latter met him after the program was concluded yesterday and said he would talk to him because they are from the same ethnic group.

He told him to collect whatever he wants and let peace reign. That is, he should compromise and stop the further revelation of the corrupt acts in NFF. The Ordinary President has repeatedly stated that even if the whistleblowers decide to back out, he would continue until justice prevails.  


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