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Learning should not only take place in the home or the classroom. Children should be equipped with responsibilities that will add up to the number of experiences they’ll gather while growing.

A popular saying goes thus, ‘experience is the best teacher’. In other words, experience prepares the way for any career that might be chosen by whosoever. That is, one who has not garnered experiences will find it challenging to make it or be focused on in the pursuit of his career.

Brekete Family.

For instance, after studying in school for years and it’s time to practice all that’s been learned, if you are not properly equipped for the task, getting the job will be really difficult. In this vein, parents are encouraged to help their children with experiences.

They should ensure their children practice all that they have learned during the course of the school year so that when the time comes for them to get better-paying jobs, acclimatizing would not be difficult and it would seem better because they have been prepared for the task ahead.

On the other hand, someone who does not deem it fit to practice and eventually gets a job, he will feel out of place because he has only dealt with the theoretical aspect of his career while abandoning the practical.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Your certificate can be seized but no one dares to tamper with what you know. Make the decision to get educated. One of the best things that can happen to you is your ability to read and write.

If you do not know how to read or write, you might find yourself in critical situations that will require literacy. Learning comes in various forms; it could be formal or informal.

Some people delight in traveling not because they do not put the risk to check, but because they see it as an avenue to learn and expand on their knowledge.

SP Salisu Agaisa.

The IG liaison, SP Salisu Agaisa went in the company of officers of the Nigeria Police force to Mercy City, Warri Delta state to commence investigation regarding Matthew Ruth’s son who was allegedly kidnapped in the church compound.

CSP David Okoro of the Edo command was described by the IG liaison as a meticulous, professional and hardworking officer who helped in the investigation.

He said on getting there, all the people who were alleged to be involved in the disappearance of the missing child were invited for interrogation.

According to SP Salisu, Ruth did not say the whole story as she never mentioned that a particular woman asked to be directed to where she would get noodles.IG liaison said the father of the boys and her stepdaughter were invited and new things were discovered.


The stepdaughter confirmed that a woman came in a Keke napep and asked for where noodles were sold and she went with two of the boys; Triumph and Testimony.

Also, she never included that she had in her company her stepdaughter who is 18 years old. When asked why she left out important information as those, she claimed not have had enough time to be explicit in her explanation.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President acknowledged the effort of the men of the Nigeria Police Force for their dedication and resilience in dealing with criminal and civil related issues in the country.

He further advised complainants to open up and not hold back vital information that will possibly direct and help with the investigation. But he is of the opinion that the church should be able to take responsibility for the missing child as it happened in the church compound.

Other people speculated the church involvement because the said woman rode into the compound without a child and eventually left with one and the security was so insensitive to have noticed such occurrence.


The widow of the slain journalist (late Alex Ogbu) who died from a gunshot during the Shiite protest in Abuja said she was able to claim her husband’s body and she buried him.

She said her meeting with the Inspector General of Police was a success as it was discovered that her husband died after he was shot as against the earlier claims that he was involved in an accident.

CP Bala Ciroma encouraged her to apply for burial support but her lawyer advised her against it. He also told her that investigation and that all the officers on duty are being put to check.

Another twist in the plot was given that he probably might have been shot by the Shiite members on protest. The Ordinary President said if he was around her when her lawyer advised against her requesting for support, he would have told her otherwise.

He stated frantically that the request is for support and not compensation or settlement. The support would go a long way to cater to their immediate needs since the deceased was the breadwinner of the family. She finally advised women to know very well the family they are marrying into.


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