The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah

In life we should not depend on what we have now, always plan for the future. We may lose everything we have now and not have what to fall back to, as an individual everyone should have a plan B. Plan B are like emotional safety nets. Failure to achieve any goal causes some level of emotional pain. There’s no greater motivator for success than the fear of failure, but if you have a plan to fall back on that failure will not be as painful, it is for such moments that we should, even when things appear calm and hopeful we should consider one of life’s most vital skill; that of developing a plan B.

Brekete Family

The representatives of the office of the Deputy Senate President were introduced and they brought update on a case that was brought by a complainant to the Brekete Family Program and the case was resolved, and the complainants came to appreciate the ordinary President and all of Brekete Family and also everyone that helped resolve the case.

Daddy Scaffold

Also the Apo six killing case was brought up because a police officer that was involved in the case brought a complain about it, saying that he was accused wrongly and spent 12 years in prison and when he was taken to court and was released, he was not reinstated. The Ordinary President called the PRO of the Nigerian Police on the matter.

The case of the lady that her father has been sleeping with her was mentioned and the Ordinary President said the case was going to be treated.

The Complainants

The Brekete Family resource persons were introduced and they all made their presentations.

The Ordinary President talked about Honorable Tony Nwolo on the good things he has done for people even after he has retired. The ordinary President also called him and appreciated him.


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