The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Dorcas Samuel who on the 8th of November complained of the humiliation she went through in the hands of Police officers in Owerri due to her involvement in business with Grace Ojonugwa.

She explained how the loan business began and how Grace committed a lot into her hands and put her in charge until a while later when she was asked to hand the business documents to her husband which later caused a lot of controversies. Today, Grace Ojonugwa came as a respondent and gave her side of the story.

From her explanation, it was gathered that they were both involved in a business. Grace Ojonugwa decided to start a business after completing her compulsory one year service and she deemed it fit to involve Dorcas whom she trusted and was sure will handle the business well since she already had good communication and rapport with people in that environment.  


Without much ado, she got investors and gave over 20 million naira to her. For a while, proper updates were received but in 2018, Dorcas could not give an account of the business accurately and she refused to let Grace know those who she gave the loans to. Every effort to get her to talk was futile and she could not even present proper details.

Grace was informed by Inipe (Dorcas’ friend) that Dorcas had invested in an undisclosed business and that was what jeered Grace to press charges and get her arrested. After her bail, she stopped communicating with Grace and even changed numbers on several occasion as she was on the run.

Sometimes later, her friend Salisu called Grace to inform her of the payment he made into her account which she had not even seen.


The Ordinary President told both of them that the purpose of bringing them to air their different views is to mediate and reach a consensus on how the money will be paid.

He blamed each party accordingly and told Dorcas that she breached Grace’s trust because it takes genuine trust for an individual to commit people’s investment into another person’s hands. He then appealed to Grace that she gives Dorcas a little time to put everything together so she can pay what she owes.

Brekete Family.

Emmanuel Babayaro commended the good works and the mediation process. He then asked the Ordinary President to put into consideration Grace’s loss and her investors; so he suggested that the Ordinary President on behalf of the Brekete Family should get in touch with them and explain the situation of things.

Dorcas apologized to her friend and asked to be given 5 months until she’s able to pay 10 million naira. Also, it was brought to listeners’ notice that her account has been blocked by the bank, and that her estranged husband has threatened to kill her if she returns.

Meanwhile, he is said to be looting her shop and selling off goods. The Police have promised to intervene in arresting her husband and help in securing access to her account.


A second complainant from Germany whose case was tendered on 16th of November had alleged that she paid her brother, Simon Ishaku to get her a plot of land but he got her four plots in an undesirable area in Epe, Lagos state.

The Ordinary President called the supposed Surveyor, Pastor John Kemini to confirm the story. Pastor John said the brother paid N500, 000 to sponsor the survey of a particular area and in return was given four plots of land.

After a while, the family that own the land was said to be in disagreement owing to its large size and division, so they decided to sell off the lands with a promise to refund people’s money with interest.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah appealed to the surveyor to help Linda recover her money without delay and he promised to visit the family next week unfailingly.

NFF Whistleblowers.

The NFF whistleblowers represented by Emmanuel Babayaro, Oyetunde Aderibigbe, and James Peters have presented evidences to back up their claims on Misappropriation of football funds by NFF and other bodies involved in contributing to the welfare of footballers in Nigeria.

They sure had many allegations one of which is the embezzlement of particular funds meant for developing football and equipping footballers.

Evidence-File 1

Also, the management of the organization is alleged to have taken money from the Akwa Ibom government with respect to the Nigeria versus Bolivia match which was scheduled to hold on 26th March, 2015 at the Uyo Stadium.

In the same vein, NFF collected 650,000 dollars with respect to the same match which never happened. When questioned about what happened to the money, they claimed to have returned the money to the Akwa Ibom government which appears false.

NFF Deputy General Secretary.

Dr. Emmanuel Ipeme, the Current Deputy General Secretary of NFF also came over to prove that the alleged claims are true.

Initially, it felt like he was going to be on NFF’s side but it turned out to be that he has always been a victim of the disorder going on in the institution.

On several occasions, he had been sidetracked and victimized to carry out selfish interests.

CAF’s Response.

There were about 12 envelopes of evidence presented, one of which is tagged ‘Criminal Diversion and Misappropriation of $8.4 million 2014 World Cup Participation Fees by NFF’.

One of the unraveled facts is that some of these monies are taken to Panama in a particular company’s account.

Also, NFF made a cash withdrawal to a tune of $560, 000 in order to pay for a Congress in Egypt but CAF responded to not have received any money of such. NFF indeed has recorded massive corrupt acts and the case has been transferred to EFCC for further investigation.


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