Akaramakallah and Complete Package

The Saturday edition of the Brekete Family Program is solely for brothers and sisters in the diaspora. They are opportune to call in on the program to show support, tender complaints or even contribute their quota in whatever way they deem fit.

Akaramakallah advised Nigerians to always consider the stress relatives in diaspora go through just to make ends meet. Whenever they send money home for projects, it should be handled in all sincerity.

Brekete Family.

Some others called in response to the allegation leveled against a particular Prophet in Warri by a complainant on Friday. They advised Nigerians to have a personal and consistent relationship with God as this will not let them be victims of deceit.

Many times, victims are successfully deceived due to their gullibility. They have instead put their trust in men and there is a change in focus.

Brekete Family.

Instead of them to give their totality to God while trusting Him for all His promises, they trust man and make him an intermediary between them and their creator. No man should stand between you and your Creator.

Quite a large number frowned at the Ethnic Coalition’s behavior during their last appearance in the studio. If anyone is mediating, it means he is on the fence and not in solidarity with either of the warring parties.


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