The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President emphasized on his saying that ‘children are leaders of today and the hope of tomorrow’. You should develop your leadership qualities while it’s still visible.

If you want to measure the quality of a country like Nigeria, what would be your conclusion or observation?  After you must have done that, discover the loopholes and problems and you should be ready to proffer solution to the lingering problems.

You have the solution already so you should be ready to act instead of depending on the government that’s not ready to work. Many people would agree that the present government is not what the citizens are asking for and the government would also say they expect more from their citizens.

Brekete Family.

If you apply intelligence, your leadership skills will be top-notch. The lack of continuity in governance will cause trouble. A current leader should be able to build on and complete the legacies of a past leader so that there will be desired results. Trouble looms when he chooses his desires above that of the governed.

On another note, we should not be overwhelmed by religion but rather be more involved with God as it is Him alone who would guide us and our minds through life.

While it is believed that religion guides our living attitude, we should be mindful of being imprisoned as a result of doctrines that will create or give the wrong perceptions about people we should live in harmony with.

Brekete Family.

The basis and purpose of religion should not be abolished. We should also learn to live with individuals irrespective of race, religion, and tribe.

Do not let anyone interpret the Holy Books; the Bible and Quran with their human minds, thence suiting their taste; rather choose to be directed by God while you work to sustain and maintain your relationship with your creator.

A lot of people have become victims wherewith they chose to see their religious leaders as being superior to God; they’d rather obey them than listen or pay attention to warning signals.

A lot of people do not care for their parents but would rather prefer to honor their sheiks or pastors as against doing the needful to receive divine blessings from their parents.

Miss Patience.

A member of the Brekete Family, Patience opined that instead of choosing to be enveloped in the danger of religion, it’s better to be a realist. Realist views things from a clearer and real perspective.

She further stated that you should hold on to whatever works for you as regards your relationship and walk with God. Make Him a priority and you would be able to discern clearly what he wants you to do.

Brekete Family.

Ambassador Potopoto added that there are two categories of clergymen; men of God and the god of men.

According to him, the men of God are those who are truly called by God and those who have delved into knowing the deepest things of God.

On the other hand, the ‘gods of men’ are those who called themselves, positioned themselves to be gods and are misdirecting or misleading people from the path originally designed for them by God.

These ones are driven by money and are more conscious about gathering worldly riches and manipulating their followers into believing things they shouldn’t normally do. They have caused more atrocities than one would normally expect of them.


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