The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President reassured listeners and viewers of his commitment to what God is helping him to do is and that he tries to avoid addressing issues with sentiments.

He stated firmly that what he does requires applying psychology more than emotions because there have cases of those who have emotionally blackmailed him so they can be attended to.

One cannot do without being emotional but it should not control your actions because you might end up taking the wrong decision.

He also said that many times people assume he is rash in his decisions but he does so because he wants when people compose themselves before sharing their experiences.

Brekete Family.

He further encouraged people to be at peace with whosoever they encounter but most importantly their neighbors who can be lifesavers when the need arises.

According to him, you are related to people either by blood or by circumstance. While your relationship with your siblings is considered as blood-related, the one with your neighbor is based on circumstance and your attitude.

It is said that attitude makes a man. In other words, if you don’t have a credible attitude, it going be hard to be tolerable. You are either going to have trouble cohabiting or people have that trouble with you.

The truth is, your neighbors are going to be the first set of lifesavers you’ll have whenever there’s an emergency. Note that, your neighbor in this context encapsulates everyone you’ll meet and it’s up to you to either make or mar the relationship.

But before you consider destroying what you’ve built, put in mind the fact that you’ll be needing help someday and it’ll be required of you to render help too.

SERVICOM Representative.

The National Coordinator of SERVICOM, Madam Nnenna Akajemele was in the company of Mrs. Henrietta Okoko, the Public Awareness Manager and Mrs. Medinatu Mohammed.

Madam Nnenna acknowledged and commended the Ordinary President’s effort in tackling crucial and sensitive issues. Mrs. Medinatu advised Nigerians to take service satisfaction seriously.

Brekete Family.

That is, getting a credible service should be important to them and if in case of failure, it can be reported to SERVICOM where the service providers will be called to order and the issue will be resolved.

She stated ways in which service failures can be challenged in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

She advised against keeping quiet when satisfaction is not met in the delivery of service and said if such is recorded, complaints should be made through the various available medium like writing, sending of text messages or emails to the appropriate authorities.


The story of Dr. Atiku Saleh (Ph.D.) who was unduly terminated from the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) was briefly discussed.

Due to time constraint, the Ordinary President explained that the victim was sacked because he seem to be the most qualified in the organization and that the person who carried out the act was alleged to have done that owning to religious discrimination.

From the document that was presented as evidence, it was gathered that his appointment was terminated because he was employed after he clocked 50 which against the rule guiding the organization.

It was said that several reinstatement letters have been written but the instructions have not been adhered to and the man is being made to suffer for what he did not do.


  1. Please Ordinary President Sir. I am still waiting for your invitation for my petition that I submitted at your Radio house in March 2019 against Cashflow ABI Network Ltd for refusing to pay me my money N22 200 000 after a court case here in Abuja that the company had with EFCC


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