The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Every citizen of Nigerian should not be treated as less entitled to their rights and privileges. Everyone has a right to live and be respected. This is a Nation that has been made to look like it is meant just for the rich and they seem to be the core benefactors of these good.

In Nigeria, there are a number of states that are not developed despite being in history for producing Heads of States at some points and even having governors at the moment.

States in this category are nothing more than Local or makeshift States because citizens are writhing in pains and languishing in poverty every time and their Heads are deafened to their cries. What insolence!

The roads are not motorable and it is easy for them to board airplanes that will take them wherever they go not putting into consideration the plights of the poor masses who are denied their rights. They even go as far as acquiring or hiring private jets.

Brekete Family.

The Nation is for everybody and should not be a-one-man thing.  It is pertinent that we all benefit from the many resources gifted us from God. It is selfish to consider it all yours when people out there are suffering. As a leader, you have a privilege to make things right.

Leadership is equivalent to service and that implies that you are responsible for the wellbeing of those put in your care. Many followers cannot even afford a daily meal not to talk of hospital bills, yet they afford lavish treatments abroad.

The Hospitals in Nigeria are more like death zones because it’s very rare for a patient to come out alive or whole; a lot even come out worse than they went in. The Government should put the interest of the governed at heart instead of acquiring and converting the Nation’s wealth for their use.

NAPTIP Representative.

Human Trafficking is a major issue of concern because it is worse than it used to be. In times past, it was easy to pinpoint those who were involved but in recent times, it has become a major means of survival to those who indulge in these acts.

Is it humane to put up a co-human for sale? It is really unfair because the victim is exposed to all manner of dirty things; some of them are sold off to be commercial sex workers in other countries and some are given off as slaves. And it is a capital offense because the victim’s right has been infringed.

The worse is that a lot are taken out of the country so that their organs can be harvested to be sold. What a barbaric act! It is unfair and it is an act of inhumanity to man. It’s appropriate to give honor to whom it is due especially when the right thing is done.

The Federal Government amongst other things constituted an institution that seeks to address Human Trafficking and possibly proffer long-lasting solutions to the problem. The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) seeks to amongst other things; adopt effective measures for the prevention and eradication of trafficking in persons and other related offenses.

ROLAP Representative.

Barrister Arinze Mbanaefo, a Chief Legal Officer for NAPTIP advised and encouraged victims of forced labor; either as a child or an adult or any related crime to cry out for help so they can be looked at after adequately while the abusers are made to pay for their crimes.

Asides trafficking, a lot of women are victims of violence and abuse. While some people have summoned the courage to speak up, some others are dying in silence and are being haunted every time.

In order to curb this, the United Nations has organized a 16-day activism against Gender-Based violence under the auspices of Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Project (ROLAP). This is not limited to women but to anyone who is a victim of abuse.

The program is scheduled to hold from 25th November-10th December, 2019.  It is encouraged that victims should speak up and there should be an appropriate punishment for the violator.

Mr. Bello and the Ordinary President.

Mr. Bello Precious, an author was given the rights and permission to use the Brand name by Ordinary Ahmad Isah to publish his book titled The Crook’s Honor. The author said the content of his book includes a peek into the Brekete family and so he needs the permission to go on with publications.

The Ordinary President in approval said ‘Today, the 21st day of November, I, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah, the Ordinary President has given him the rights and authorization to use my name, my brand name so long as he will not use it negatively. So help us, God’.

Mrs. Osibo and the Ordinary President.

Also, Mrs. Osibo Folashade published a book titled I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. The book was written to encourage the girl-child and give her a sense of purpose.

The mother of two girls said she had been prayed for by a lot of people so she’ll bear a male child but has since been unperturbed because she has chosen to inculcate the right attitude in her girls.

She is a core believer in a girl child’s ability to do anything and the book is meant to reprogram the child’s mindset. The book also addresses issues of domestic violence and she has a self-help version of the book for the boys.

As regards the monumental corruption figured to be happening in the Nigerian Football Federation, the Legal Solicitors to NFF has written a notice to the Ordinary President requesting that the accusation and ‘unfair’ airing and ‘defamation of character’ is stopped.

Unperturbed by the threat to press further charges, the Ordinary President read out the letter and promised to revisit the case. The letter contained allegations amongst which is the permission to present documents and defame the characters of the officials of NFF and that NFF has not been duly represented or invited to give their side of the story.

The Counsel to NFF claims that its client is embarrassed as a result of the alleged corruption being aired at the station during the Brekete Family Program.


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